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  1. I cure for 2 weeks. Candle science is my favorite! But I also use nature’s garden. I’ve also gotten some from lonestar & the flaming candle. But I’m not a fan of the lonestar scents except 1 I’ve tried lol The flaming candle FO seem pretty good but I’ve only tried a few from there
  2. Yes! I started following manufacture recommendations of adding FO a time 185 in the 464 soy wax and my HT is excelllent now! My FO is at 6% and I pour at 150, smooth tops excellent HT & CT for the scents I’m currently doing I had a few scents that were still light, but I decided not to continue making those. Also I always cure for 2 weeks minimum to get my HT where I want it
  3. @Lighten Up I am doing that with my current box & so far that is working well! The local store I got my box from suggested that, wish I had thought of it sooner! I usually leave the boxes open, once I use them, but I didn’t think to open them ahead of time before.
  4. @inthedark Thank you so much for your insight! I have decided not to sell these candles, but will be burning through them for learning and experimentation. al if this ever happens again, I will hopefully be equipped to handle it. I had 100 candles in the batch, so I’ll be giving some to testers and family also, who I’ve told what to looks for and report back
  5. Seriously!??? Omg! Wow! What next!? Thanks SO much for letting me know!
  6. Luckily - as far as the website goes - I didn’t do a huge announcement with a date for my opening - all of my posts just said coming soon. But I told individual people (on public comments) that we were opening this weekend. So I just went to those people private messaged to let them know we would not be opening just yet I plan just to keep my opening date vague (as I no longer know it)
  7. @moonshine thank you so much! I never thought to send candles to some of the more experienced people here! That is a wonderful idea! I think once I have another batch that I feel is good, I will contact some of you for opinions! That makes me feel so much better about moving forward! Also, I think I will blame it on the soy wax issues, as that really is partially to blame on them, and me jumping the gun 🙈 thanks again!
  8. And much as it sucks, I know you guys are TOTALLY alright, I think I just needed to hear this a few times for it to sink in! The best thing for me to do is delay. I really appreciate all the advice and have already realized that the more I learn, the more I realize what I do NOT know!! All the sage advice is greatly appreciated!!!! At what point do you all think that I will know that I am ready to start selling? I understand it’s not all about number of batches but I had SO many consistent batches. It has only been been working since August but it’s been 24/7 & all my results were consistent until this last batch.. any further advice is appreciated!! I don’t want to get myself in this pickle again, I’ve been stressing all week over this & it’s diff not fun! Haha @moonshine @TallTayl @GoldieMN
  9. @GoldieMN interesting!! If that method works, The candles would be useable at that point?? If u tested the candles (burned some) & they seemed fine after that, Would u think it would be safe to sell candles that u had done this with?
  10. I totally agree! Just Curious how others have done that & kinda saved face at the same time! I pushed this back over a month from my original date (it was just in my head, no one knew about it), before announcing anything bc I wanted to make sure no issues! But I felt everything was set & started promoting on social media .. these issues popped up after that, but I HAVE determined that a few scents ended up being ok - which are actually my Christmas scents... so I’m kinda just trying to determine if I should set everything else up “sold out” & put those up?? They are from the same batch of wax but my testers have reported no melting or leaking & no issues with the throw... originally I thought it was all scents... The new batch of wax I got doesn’t seem to have any issues, but I will be doing testing for a few weeks to confirm that before selling them. I certainly don’t want to sell a dangerous or faulty product! Just Morally AND that’s bad for business...
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