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  1. How is your testing going with the 6006 and 464? I’ve also been trying EVERY wick and cannot get anything to work in straight 6006. I’m used to and love 646 but wanted a better hot throw. I was thinking of blending the two and curious how your testing went???
  2. That’s good advice, thank you! I am using a wide silicone spatula too and not even stirring fast but still bubbles and they are hard / impossible to pop. I will try pouring hotter and using some type of insulation like you do! Thanks!
  3. Here’s what the candle looked like after hardening from the bubbles. Looks horrible!
  4. I have just switched from 464 to IGI 6006 in search of a better hot throw. This wax is sooo much different and I’m having a hard time with it. I’m heating to 185, adding color flakes and 9% FO, it turns cloudy and as I’m stirring it gets very bubbly and it’s impossible to get the bubbles out. I have tried pouring at 145 to help avoid sinkholes, tried pouring higher to see if bubble problem would resolve but no. This wax is so bubbly, it’s so strange to me! Never saw anything like this with the GW 464. Has anyone experienced this with 6006 or any waxes?
  5. Okay, I have those from the sample pack so I’ll give them a try. Thank you so much!
  6. The CD wicks were from Flaming Candle and the HTP was from Lonestar. Diameter is about 2 and 3/4 inch diameter (straight sided). I just ordered a size up on the HTP to try.
  7. Thank you so much!!! Would there be any other factors other than wick size that would cause tunneling?
  8. I did search before posting but couldn’t find any answers. Diameter is a little over 2.5 inches. FO is 1/3 fruity pebbles and 2/3 marshmallow bomb. No additives, but I did use hunter green dye flakes from RE.
  9. I’m pouring IGI 6006 into 9oz straight sided jars (heat to 185, add color & 9% FO, pour at 150....... curing for 3-5 days as recommended by candle science). I have tried htp 104 wicks and CD 10,12,14..... all tunneling. I feel like these wicks are already pretty large so I am unsure if wicking up will help, and the flame size is good. Any thoughts on what could be causing this or have experience with any wicks that work better in 6006?
  10. Just thought I’d let everyone know... I ordered the RE Campfire Marshmallow and made some parasoy melts...... this is seriously my favorite scent EVER. It’s soooo amazing. The perfect blend of firey sweetness and none of the “hickory” smell that’s always turned me off of campfire scents. I ordered a sample and went back for the full pound
  11. Thanks so much for your responses!!!
  12. Sorry another newbie question- when curing tarts, should they be left in the open or sealed up during cure time?
  13. Any golden wax 464 soy users that can offer me any insight on which wick types to use? I'm using 9oz glass jars. Started with ECO wicks as recommended by Candle Science but have had no luck with them. Just tried RRD for the first time and they’re mushrooming horribly in all sizes tested. I’m so new to this, any suggestions would be SO appreciated!!! Please please please.
  14. When using the black, did you ever have them come out blue? Also do you ever have any burn problems when using it for black?
  15. Can anyone give me some recommendations of wicks you love? I'm new and have been using ECO10 wicks as recommended by Candle Science for my soy gw464 in 9oz glass jars. I've had terrible luck so far with them, either having a small flame that goes out then burning way too hot for the next fragrance I try. Any help would be appreciated!!!
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