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  1. Thank you I won't and good luck on your candle making journey as well! @Chariste
  2. @wthomas57The coconut 83 is predominately coconut but is blended with soy and vegetable waxes. I used the ECO wicks b/c tbh I have so much of them from when I started off testing with GB 464 awhile back. I eventually ventured off to the coconut 83 wanting to try something different. A fellow poster has actually informed about the CD wicks working perfect in the coconut 83, in fact it's highly recommended so I said I wanted to try it soon but just stuck on how many eco wicks I have prior to testing the coconut 83 smh. Where can you order CD wicks ? I've only used CS so far for ordering wicks si
  3. @wthomas57 I use coconut 83 wax, 1oz per lb of wax, I'm able to make 3 8oz jars with lb of mix and fill up to neck line of jar.
  4. @wthomas57I wanted to test it out b/c the first time I wicked the jar once w/ a ECO4 wick, the wick curled into the wax so fast it burned out so I became curious to see if it would work with 2 of them and it did! But around that time I didn't have the knowledge of when to have a FMP and the danger of the container becoming HOT because of the double wicking, also I have come across some candle makers who have double wicked there small containers and have success but as you and others have said its all about finding the proper wick. Oh and yeah the scent throw does seem stronger But I now am ta
  5. @Kris S Oh ok ! It stuck with me for soo long as I was doing research and testing But I see what you all were saying the candles are burning closer to the bottom and the jar is hot there was some shrooming with the wicks and one jar has black spot on the side.
  6. Never came to mind, I have seen a couple of candles that were multi wicked and they were small containers the type of jars varied. Overall, I figured to test it out myself just to see but thinking it would cause suspicion didn't come to mind. @TallTayl
  7. Understood @Jcandleattic @Trappeur @Kris S ? For so long I figured a FMP on first burn was necessary I sware I've read it somewhere BUT I'm aware you all have been doing this for sometime so I respect your advice back to the lab I go ! Thanks again all for looking at this thread as well...
  8. I appreciate all of the honest feedback ! @OldGlory @Jcandleattic I will make sure to take notes next time this is definitely making me want to master this craft even more ? Bless
  9. Thank you so much @OldGlory I let it burn for 3 hours, and omg it's soo many factors they play into making and burning a candle SHEESH ? but I will stray from the double wicking of the small jars. I have some wax left over and am thinking about using the remaining to just test the wicks and not put any FO's in the mix just to see what wicks work in the two size jars I really want to work with for the future.
  10. @Jcandleattic So we shouldn't have a full melt pool on first burn ? I burned another using just one wick ECO8 was the type and after the first burn there was some wax hang up but it wasn't a FMP I burned them the second and third time and there was still some wax hang up , also I just posted another thread about another small candle I made prior to posting the pics of these 3 and it's double wicked but are closer together if you could check it out ? Please forgive me if I seem to be soo stuck on this double wick thing LOL I just want thoughts on the candles since I made them before curre
  11. They're so pretty ! It'll be awesome to use those jars but I agree with the other ladies. Who knows how the candle will burn considering the type of jar it is. Have you ever thought about testing one out to see???
  12. OK so I had to post these pics! This is another candle I made a week or so ago using the half pint jar, double wicked ECO4, coconut 83, and Angel Baby scent (a sample oil). At that time I still wanted to see if I could double wick the small containers but with this candle I made sure to put the wicks closely together thinking about what others said on previous post about them being far apart and not centered. For some reason I figured having them spaced apart will be better than having the wicks so close together. So, I lit this candle today at 9am just to see if it will do the same thing the
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