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  1. Thank you both for the feedback. I just remembered I have a bit of Aztec's new(ish) soy, coco and beeswax blend. I might give that a try too. Heck I haven't even tried it on candles....
  2. Currently I get my Rosemary Mint FO from AFI. I don't love it, but it's convenient to me, affordable and I can order 10# at a time. My issues are the scent is a bit light, it sometimes has a fuel scent, and most annoyingly, it will discolor the wax to yellow over time. I really don't understand the discoloration issue since the FO itself is clear but it is a problem for my wholesale customers who don't want a yellow candles on their shelves. AFI has SO many Rosemary Mint fragrances that it's hard to weed through them all. Does anyone know of a good Rosemary Mint that might help wit
  3. I have a lot of extra wax laying around and am wondering if I can use them for wax tarts. However, none are paraffin. My point would be to use some of the extra wax I already have--not buy any more.😆 I have: 464 Coco 83 Easy Beads Millennium Soy 100% Midwest Soy C-6 Beeswax Is it possible to blend these into a good tart? I know they are mostly primarily designed as container waxes and would therefore be difficult to get from the clamshell. Could I add a bit of beeswax to harden it up? I don't use wax tarts personally so I don't
  4. Updated Update: They responded to my DM yesterday and promised to send a replacement ASAP. So I give them props for (hopefully) resolving that quickly. I'm still not crazy about a number of their practices (slow order fulfillment, no phone number contact, and inability to review products) but I do appreciate their messaging me quickly after I complained.
  5. UPDATE: Well, my order finally arrived 4 weeks after placing it. And.....it is missing one of the fragrances. And...it was the ONE fragrance I needed. I am so annoyed. Does anyone know their phone number? It's not anywhere on their website. Ugh.
  6. Has anyone else experienced ridiculously long times to process orders from Wooden Wick Co? I took advantage of one of their recent sales and ordered a bunch of FO. I ordered on November 28th and it still hasn't been processed three weeks later! I get it: there's a pandemic, USPS is a mess, and it's the holidays. But I would at least expect some kind of communication from them about the processing time. All their website says is orders process in 3-7 business days and it could be a bit longer when they're busy. But really, it's been 15 business days--and frankly, if I had that much going on I w
  7. TFC has the 464 back in stock so I'll stick with that for now but maybe experiment with C3 with the intent of switching over once I get the hang of it.
  8. Do you need a particular kind of jar? I've gotten the 11 oz straight sided tumbler from Community Candle in Alabama for years. They're very nice jars and in stock. https://www.communitycandlesupply.com/proddetail.php?prod=HBT-11OZ
  9. Thanks. I live really close to TFC so they're my "go to" supplier. I'm going to call and ask when it will be back in stock. I really don't want to test another wax right now. Maybe for the future but that's something I don't want to rush especially if it's finicky.
  10. I need 464 wax and the Flaming Candle is out of stock. However, they do have C3 wax. How do these compare? I usually blend 464 with 10% coco83. UGH. Not a good time of year for this.
  11. Hey I just talked about this here (see below) but the summary is there was lots of FO seeping at the beginning but after about 6 weeks, it reabsorbed. I ran a test burn of them and they all did fine. My conclusion (at this point) is that perhaps the culprit is the EasyBeads and not the soy. 🤷‍♀️
  12. Sorry y'all. I kinda dropped off the planet. So the update is that in late June I dug these candles out of my shop and ALL the FO had reabsorbed! How crazy is that? I'm happy, obviously, but I have no idea why. In the meantime, I ran some tests with the Freedom Soy and Midwest soy blended with the Easy Beads coconut wax at various ratios (80% Freedom and 20%EasyBeads, 90% Freedom and 10% EasyBeads and 95% Freedom & 5% Easy Beads) all at 8% FO. Then I did the same with the Midwest and Easy Beads. And?? They all (except the 95/5 ratio) seeped FO. 😵 I just about had a fit, I was s
  13. I'm pretty sure you can get a 1 oz sample from them. I would call or email. They're usually pretty responsive.
  14. Sorry but I have no idea what that means! A scent of family videos?
  15. Hi TT, are there manufacturers where we can get concentrated custom fragrances? I usually buy 10# at a time from AFI. *** Also, I have just started testing some Freedom and Midwest 100% soy blends with Easy Beads. I started this experiment because my 464/EasyBeads candles at an 80/20 ratio had FO seeping on top. My current experiment is as such: All the candles are 8% FO (same FO, a custom blend of Black Tea and Bergamot). 1. Glass Straight-sided tumblers, 9 oz capacity with 1/2" 0.04 booster wood wick. I tested three ratios: 95% Freedom & 5% EasyBeads,
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