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  1. Interesting! I've seen my wax do a lot of crazy things but I haven't seen something that looks like that.
  2. I use apricot kernel oil. It's a nice light oil with a shelf life of around a year.
  3. Do you have a picture? That might help figure out what is going on. Also when you say "hole" do you mean a sinkhole or something else?
  4. I dug out some candles I made a while ago (maybe 6-9+ months) and the wax appears to have expanded. So now, instead of there being a gap between the top of the wax and the top of the jar, it has filled up the space and even stick up a tiny bit above the top of the jar. I think I originally poured it to about 1/8" from the top although I can't say for sure since it's expanded. Color me befuddled once again by the mysteries of wax...
  5. My general practice is to heat to 195 (because of the coconut), add fo, stir for 3 minutes and pour right after that (pouring hot again bc of the coconut wax). I store everything in my garage so there are fluctuations in temp and humidity.
  6. What's up with this? I get these on some candles after a few months. Wax on this particular candle is 80/20 464 and easy beads Coco 83 FO at 8%. However I've gotten them at other wax and FO ratios/%.
  7. The Flaming Candle has great service and fast order turnaround. I usually pick up orders there but shipping is quick and reasonable.
  8. USPS Regional Rate boxes are my go-to shipping method--unless it's going across the country.
  9. Hmmm I wonder if this is the same Very Vanilla I get from The Flaming Candle. I'm pretty sure TFC sources there's from AFI based on conversations I've had with AFI. I would suspect that CS gets theirs from AFI as well since AFI is in Georgia and CS is in NC. With all that said, I use the VV pretty frequently in a fragrance blend and hadn't realized it was reformulated. I have noticed that the color of the FO has some variation but the fragrance seems consistent. But perhaps that's just because I don't use a ton in my blend. So I guess my best advice would be to talk to the folks at TFC and/or AFI. Just know (if you don't already) that the minimum order at AFI is 10#.
  10. I've used coconut83 (cal candle) and easy beads (candles and supplies) in various ratios. I've tried (464/coconut) 95/5, 90/10, and 80/20. So much does seem to depend on the 464 batch. I used 90% 464 with 10% coco83 in glass tumblers with wooden wicks (1/2" booster wick) and had pretty good results, you just have to trim those wicks all the time but that seems to always be the case with wooden wicks. I've had a harder time in my ceramic jars with "regular" wicks. The ceramic makes it a bit trickier since they hold the heat. I had what appeared to be good results with 80/20 (easybeads) and an HTP 105 wick (my jars are ~3.5" diameter) BUT then I got a new batch of 464 and everything was a hot mess. My FO was seeping out at 8% and I had a bunch of cavities. So I am not trying to resolve that issue. So all of that to say I would thing that between 10 and 20% coconut wax you should be able to find a sweet spot. Just pay attention to your LOT #s of 464 in case you have problems.
  11. I wonder if they actually work...
  12. @TallTaylHave you tried burning this yet? I ordered the freedom wax as well as the midwest soy. I'm going to pour some tomorrow. 🤞
  13. It doesn't look like it's in stock yet. I would start with a sample (delivered) anyway. Then if I really liked it, I'd drive up to Knoxville to buy a bunch. But I don't foresee that happening for a while (testing the wax or going to Aztec).
  14. How would you stir the FO when you add it?
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