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  1. lumoscandles

    New to the forum, not to candlemaking

    Thank you! My photos were taken by a friend with a nice camera and photography experience. We shot them in my apartment in front of patio door for natural lighting. I have self-taught photo editing experience so I cropped and edited them myself using Paint Shop Pro (cheaper alternative to photoshop). Thanks to everyone for the advice! Now I am trying to figure out the best way to transition to more original products without totally losing my current customer base... It's a shame because I really enjoy making these items because I am passionate about my love of the original work. I pick out each fragrance to individually match the house traits associated with it, created the labels myself and everything. But I understand now that it is still an issue and liability even if hundreds of others are also infringing on copyright. I have a lot of ideas in mind but it will still be sad for me to say goodbye to these products.
  2. lumoscandles

    New to the forum, not to candlemaking

    To be honest, I am still trying to figure that out myself. When I started selling candles on Etsy, I wanted to do something that was based off of things I love, like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. If you search those terms on Etsy there are thousands of items that are themed and have the logos or house names on them too, so I didn't think it would be a problem. (I know "everyone else is doing it" might not make it ok, but again I am still learning.) I wasn't selling much until very recently so I thought there is no harm in it. Now that my business is getting bigger and I am trying to make it into a legitimate source of income, I am trying to navigate all these ins and outs of owning a successful business. Right now, I'm just trying to make it through as I learn, and I know I may need to change my products if necessary. I'm still in the process of figuring it all out!
  3. lumoscandles

    New to the forum, not to candlemaking

    They are mostly written tutorials with pictures, not videos, but they are all on www.candletech.com. Since that site was made through Peak Candle Supplies, which is now closed, I'm not sure how long the CandleTech website will remain up.
  4. lumoscandles

    New to the forum, not to candlemaking

    I'm not sure I will have the time or resources to make new tutorials with 4 college classes and my Etsy business, but you can still view all the ones I made for Peak on candletech.com
  5. lumoscandles

    New to the forum, not to candlemaking

    No problem! Well, my grandfather used to make dipped tapers with me when I was a kid. He would melt down old, leftover candles on the stove and dip them. Other than that, I had no other experience with candles and had never really thought about it as a craft I could do until I started at Peak. When I was hired there, I was supplied with a starter kit and encouraged to learn and make candles and soaps to better assist customers with questions and I just loved it! I started buying more supplies and making them for friends and family as gifts. In 2009, I discovered Etsy and created my shop, LumosCandles, and sold a few things here and there but it really took off last year when I added some new products, labels, and better photos (which was GREAT because I got laid off last July and needed another source of income, but I was also taking 5 classes at MSU Denver so I was a bit overwhelmed!) I enjoy lots of crafts but have never gotten as good at anything else or enjoyed it quite as much as candle and soap making. As I learned more, I was put in charge of the tutorials for candletech so the majority of tutorials on there were created by me and I loved that part of my job the most! I loved coming up with new ideas and sharing them with customers! Now, my Etsy shop continues to grow and expand and even though it's a lot of work and in a little 1-bedroom apartment, I hope it will continue to flourish.
  6. lumoscandles

    New to the forum, not to candlemaking

    Thank you! Ummm well I was trying to be ambiguous so as not to stir things up but I suppose there's no real harm in it. I worked for Peak from 2008-2016. There is a lot of drama surrounding the closure at this time which is why I didn't want to bring it up originally but to be honest I don't know very much more about it than what is out there to see on Facebook. I'm trying my best to find replacements from other suppliers and will be sure to let you all know what I can find!
  7. lumoscandles

    New to the forum, not to candlemaking

    Thank you!
  8. Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been making candles and soaps for about 9 years, 8 of which I worked at a candle supply company (I'm sure I have interacted with some of you regarding your orders and you may have seen many of the tutorials I created for them as well! ). I learned a lot while working there and have only browsed these forums but never joined until now. Recently my etsy business has really taken off and with the closure of Peak and my personal sale of a very large order I find myself in need of some advice from you lovely people who have a LOT more combined experience than myself. I look forward to interacting with you all!