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  1. BrittBritt

    Organic soy candles

    Thanks for all the helpful feedback guys, you confirmed more than a few of my suspiscions! I really didn't think fragrances could be organic without being essential oils. Am I correct thinking that essential oils are flammable? Not sure where I got that idea from. And I kind of figured that if soy wax was organic, the manufacturer would be advertising that in their product description. I was thinking of avoiding the label 'organic' all together, since I don't think it would be cost effective even if I found a way to make it possible. She doesn't claim to only use organic products, to be truthful I think she was just trying to help me be successful because she said that anything she stocks that says 'organic' seems to fly off the shelves.
  2. BrittBritt

    Organic soy candles

    Well isn't soy supposed to be eco-friendly? Being plant based? And yeah, I can see where you're coming from with the container thing, kind of contradictory haha. It honestly just seems like she is concerned with the fragrance being organic, which honestly I'm not sure how important that is - in my opinion a beautiful, long-lasting scent is far more important.
  3. Hi guys! I have secured someone who wants to potentially stock my candles, but since she owns a beauty shop she doesn't want to stock them if they aren't 100% organic. I am a little bit confused, since I thought fragrances were synthetic, and therefore not organic. Essential oils are organic, but I was under the impression that they are potentially flammable, therefore not appropriate for a candle. I started doing some research and it all just seemed so confusing. I was hoping to get a bit of insight so that when I'm reading through my research I have a bit of experienced knowledge guiding me through seemingly contradictory information. Any information/experience you guys have would be hugely appreciated. Thanks, Britt xx
  4. BrittBritt

    Help!! Please critique my candle

    wick was definitely too small and i kind of expected that but i was just trying to get a few practice pours into an old container that didnt matter. This was my second burn and i dont know why it frosted so bad, none of the other candles i have poured and burned since have frosted quite so bad. Each burn at least 2 hours.
  5. BrittBritt

    Help!! Please critique my candle

    Thanks for all your help guys! Will keep this in mind in the future. I have another problem though! After my third burn I came in this morning to find this! What on earth is all this white stuff?! I understand the cracked top is normal but this white stuff didnt happen after the first two burns. Just so you guys know, I am from Australia so it is a bit cool at the moment.
  6. BrittBritt

    Help!! Please critique my candle

    Thanks TallTayl! I had read that soy candles need a cure but couldn't resist lighting one up, I was not aware it was a few weeks though. I have a few more questions if you dont mind? 1. Why don't I want the soy to burn to the edge on the first couple of burns? 2. Are you saying that my using CDN wick is disadvantageous to achieving a full burn? 3. Might sound silly, but I have been swirling my wax rather than stirring it, would this make a difference? 4. Is the GB464 a good wax for a starter? It was suggested on a lot of the supplier websites I checked. Thank you for all your help! I am very eager to get these candles right
  7. Total novice to candle making here. Always wanted to do it and finally got myself a kit. I am making candles as a hobby with intention to gift but would still love to give away something of quality. I know there is a lot of information available but nothing seemed directly applicable to my variables AND was understandable to a novice like myself. This is the second burn of the very first candle I poured, cured 24 hours, 100% Golden brands 464 using CDN8 wick in 8.5cm (3.3inch) diameter jar (used old candle jar). My fragrance load was roughly 8%: 26g FO in 325g soy flakes. I think the tunnelling (am I correctly identifying tunnelling?) I am seeing is probably due to me using wicks from the kit in a jar with a wider diameter to those provided in the kit. I am unsure why I am getting this beading condensation on top, this only occurs during the burn but not when it is sitting cold. After my second burn, the melt pool solidified with a weird texture like you can see in the second picture. I added fragrance at 80C (175F) and poured at 65C (150F). FO load was . I add a few scrapings of my dye chip to my unmelted soy flakes before I add to heat. Fragrance throw was shockingly good cold but totally average hot. I am also using a laser pointer type thermometer. Which is better, this or the mercury thermometer I received in my kit?? Any kind of advice to point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated. What size wick would be more appropriate? Would you suggest a wick type better suited to GB 464? Did I add the dye at the wrong stage? Am i adding fragrance at the right temperatures/load? I followed the temperature steps recommended by the supplier I used. Would love to get some quality feedback rather than my guesswork research. Very excited to finally be a part of this thriving community and very eager to learn!!