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Candlewic recommendations


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OK I need to order a specific scent from there and want to know what others are recommended (and work in straight paraffin or a parasoy blend or potential for soap) ... and I am looking for impressions on their:

grapefruit jasmine

Summer fruit and jasmine

Sandalwood and Clary Sage

Sandalwood Rose (could swear I saw that there)


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i have the sumer fruit and jasmine-it smells really nice OOB, but have not put it into anything yet. seems to smell fruity first, then the floral. never smelled the B&BW version, so can't compare. i do like CW's oils though. what i have tried, i really think are good. you might want to sample their sweet sandlewood (not a true sandlewood-still very nice). also like the patch from them-but again, smells nothing like regular straight patch, but very nice and strong. LOVE the voodoo love also!!!

bet you already know all these though! kris

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Actually I don't, lol. I used their FOs back in the 90s, went away from candlemaking for a while and then never got back to ordering from them for fragrances. What's the voodoo love like if I may ask? I've not seen a summer fruit and jasmine at B&BW, so I don't know what it smells like. I was thinking it might be similar to grapefruit jasmine, maybe just sweeter, but I guess I will be trying it out to find out!

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These are all very strong in paraffin:

Black Currant & Cassis

Caramel Apple Cider

Butterscotch Pudding

English Ivy

Lemon Lavender

Pumpkin Ginger Streusel

Sugared Vanilla Shortbread

And I also love the Ginger & Frankincense. It was not very strong in my paraffin, but I just love it.

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Well they certainly have some I really, really wanna try, but I limited myself so I could take better advantage of the wick assembly item. There are some I hope to get to try later in the year. I did keep myself in the ultimate category, so we'll see what happens. It was good to see they still have pine needle though. I think I've spent enough these past few weeks that I need to chill now lol.

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I don't like the multi levels, but since running out of grapefruit jazzy and the SS version wasn't very juicy sweet, I'm in the hunt for something I can fall in love with. Maybe this will be the one. Same is kind of holding true for the Sandalwood Rose. Since running out of the one I had that everyone loved, I need to find another and hope it does not discolor soap. I never tried the SG one because I read somewhere that it discolors soap. What's the point in coloring soap if everything is going to discolor.

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