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Candlewic Feathering Palm wax Will not come out of mold

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Is their feathering palm the true Feather Palm from IGI? If so, I have never had this problem, the IGI wax shrinks away nicely. If it is a custom blend I would say they got something wrong. I would call them and ask.



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I always add stearic acid to pillar candles. I never wash my molds. I melt the wax from them with a heat gun or in the oven upside down and then wipe clean with paper towels. I store the molds upside down. If a candle is stubborn, I cool the candle in the fridge for a bit, then remove it and run hot water over the outside of the mold.

While IGI waxes are very consistent in my experience, each new batch of veggie wax is different from the others. The raw materials sometimes are different and so I try to adapt to the little differences in each batch..

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