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Vanilla Bean Noel Need help

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I normally use Tennessee version but they are out of stock right now

I know this is the best for wax I think

But I also use it for lotions and thinking of getting NG Mrs Claus Cookies

I've tried this before and it was good

or WSP Vanilla Bean Noel ( never tried so I don't know how good this one is)

anyone tried both and could compare strength and which they prefer

Also which is stronger for para-soy

Thanks for any advice

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Did you find the scent throw just as good in say para-soy wax tarts

I didn't think NG would have good throw but I need this oil for B&B so I need it now

This sounds good Thanks Sharon, My sister actually preferred the smell OOB better on the Mrs Claus Cookies than the Wendy's Tenn version or the Daystar version

but i never tested the Mrs. Claus just had a small amount

Anyone tried the WSP version for B&B curious if all the rave reviews are true or not

I hate buying 2 oz to try its so $ now at WSP its crazy

Thanks so much Sharon

I'm most likely going to go get a lb of the NG for sure

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I'm a big fan of the Vanilla Bean Noel from WSP - I have tried that scent from four other companies and didn't like any of them. IMO the VBN from WSP, has by far, the strongest and most realistic scent of anything I have found at other companies. I agree with you on the prices at WSP, they're outrageous and I cringe everytime I order from them - But I think it's well worth it for that scent. You mentioned Mrs Claus cookies from NG, that one I didn't like. The scent was alright, it was just very weak. I have only used these in tarts, not in any B&B products. I'm sure if you tried it, you would not be disappointed. Hope this helps!

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We use NG's and just love it! Use in soy wax and made some in our Aroma Jems as well that sell very good =) I'm sorry but WSP isn't going to get one red cent from us anymore.... So sick of all the changes and increases and trying to justify them as "savings" to the customers when all it does is line Debbie's pockets a little bit more...........Not to mention she hasn't had an idea of her own for years??? *copycat!* UGH! See what you did asking about WSP LOL

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Thanks for the great reviews.. I hear you EccoLights I'm just as angry as you are, I was just shocked at the increase in the price of the bath whip I use, it went from 30 something to 50, my mouth hit the floor

I'm pissed to but unfortunately there are few things i have to get from them and it makes me really mad

Thanks everyone

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Retro, we were in the same boat as well....only a few things we HAD to get from that evil company LOL But thankfully we found them elsewhere and even got a price match to boot! Too bad we have to have it shipped now but its so worth it not having to wonder what the price will be and honestly, the service is much better at our new supplier too =) Good luck!

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