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Patchouli Fragrance


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Can you guys tell me who you think has the best Patchouli fragrace, no EO.. I carry eo's in that and the fragrance, but people are telling me Frangrances just smell better. I havent ordered in such a long time. I dont know where to start. Monica

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I poured a tester of Peaks recently and didn't care for it at all. I just poured another one and I'll give it another chance. I'll let it cure for week and then burn it.

I also poured a tester of Candle Cocoons Patchouli Dreams and will post the results of that one, too. My first impression is that it's kind of light, but does smell like EO. It might work in incense. The price is not bad.

What about Elements? Do they have a patch?

I'm spoiled with MW - I'm so bummed - I have several customers who love this scent...

Now I'm on a quest......

OK, so Elements doesn't have one - just looked. has anyone tried AH's?

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I have some from Cajun, will send a sniffy to anyone that wants one. Also have some Peaks if you want that. PM me with your address. You all let me know what you think smells true. Since they all stink to me but I have one customer that loves it. She loves Patchouli, Patchouli Raspberry I get from MW and Vanilla Patchouli from Just Scents.

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