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a couple of quick questions.

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Hey everyone,

I just poured some mango papya from Peaks and it was no where near as strong as some others I have from them. I was wondering if it was me and how I did or it just isn't a very strong scent.

I used 4630 wax heated to about 175 added 1oz of FO and liquid dye....stirred for about 2 mins, and then poured into 4oz jj at about 160-165. my wick is 44-24-18 zinc.

Any suggestions are much appreciated :)

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I always had good luck with Peak's Mango Papaya and it was strong. I think 175 is a little high for that wax. My FO was bought a while ago, any chance they changed the formula? I use HTP wicks with this scent.

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