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BW Watermelon Margarita


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I know it sounds backwards but it works. Too much of some FOs can effect the burn in a way get less scent throw. Using more FO doesn't always equate to stronger scent throw especially if it effects the burn.

I use the same jars from Fillmore! Went to fill my shopping cart the other day was blown away by the new shipping charges!:shocked2: But I love these jars.

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ahem...I think I got the jar idea from you. Tried to do my own label look, though. Before that I used the 8oz Libbey colored frosted tumblers with silver lids that were going around the classifieds for a while.

I filled out an order to see what price the jars would change to if I ordered more cases. My price went down, so I guess i didn't notice any price increase in shipping.


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