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Mailing single clamshells


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OK, I feel a little like an idiot for asking about this, but I can't seem to see a good answer. I need to ship a few single clamshells to some people for testing. Looked on Etsy to get a feel for shipping, and see alot of people listing shipping at about $2.50. So how are the packed? I don't want to ship in bubble mailers, seems like wax would crack. And I do not know of any boxes that ship that cheap. What am I missing? Anybody have any ideas? Yes, I'm an idiot!

Thanks for your help,


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padded envelope, single wrap of bubble wrap and then a non-padded envelope (taped closed!) works great too. I want to say its a 4x6 envelope.. I buy them in packs of 20.. they will fit two bars of soap or two clamshells quite nicely! it weighs 4-5oz

It goes as "package" since its thicker, and one costs 1.73 if I ship from the PO, or 1.93 with paypal click to print (it adds .20c delivery confirmation). Add in .25c or so for the envelope and 2.50 is pretty accurate. I've never really had anyone order just one though.. usually they buy 4-5 at a time and it goes Flate rate envelope.

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We actually get quite a few single clamshell sales from people just testing out =) We typacilly use either a bubble mailer or small boxes from different merchandise we have with a few packing peanuts and have never had a problem.

Something to bear in mind my hubby told me about (he works for the USPS), if you sending them First Class mail, then your package will only be up against other packages at a maximum of 13 ounces, so the odds of them being broke are slim to none. Compare that to shipping a bubble mailer via Priority Mail, some of those packages can be up to 7 pounds! So our little bubble mailer could be smashed to bits =)

Also with a bubble mailer or small box, they are not ran through machines like letters are, so no worries about the machines eating it up =)

Hope that helps you some and Happy New Years!

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