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Just simple candles


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Those look great, what are you wicking with?

The Palm ones of which there are 3 I wick it with 45ply flat braid wick. It works really well for me. The Blue paraffin one I use 24 ply flat braided. The paraffin was sopposed to mottle but did not is there a way to ecourage this? I did not use steric acid, normally I add 1 tbs per pound.

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THere's a way to encourage it, but need to know a few things first:

what kind of wax?

How much FO did you use?

It's OK to use steric w/ mottles (oh that's not a question)

How hot did you pour? (Sometimes I have better luck if I'm pouring hotter than norm. You got a touch around the ring of the candle)

Did you do a water bath? (Asking, because you shouldn't, but not sure what kind of molds you are using.)

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Tried a different candle I like the way it came out.. The flash screwed the picture up a bit. Everyone I show it to likes it... I dont want to burn it :(


As for the Questions to the last post

3 are Palm starburst wax

1 is 140 MP paraffin

I did not use FO(very rare) since it gives me headaches..plus if I use FO I usually just stick to the Jar candles. The Palm was poured at 200F the paraffin was poured at 175F I use aluminum mold and get those white rings all the time I hate them!

I did not use a water bath at all on any of them.

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Beautiful! Now, I would rather pour a rustic than a mottle any day...I never seem to get a good mottle. The easiest way is to use a mottling wax, but you can also try adding mineral oil since you don't use FO. At 175* it should mottle...are you cooling slowly? Like turn a box over on the mold to hold the heat in as long as possible.

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