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wood roses


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NG has a ton of them and they look amazing!! You only use straight FO on them, only a few drops actually. You want to keep the FO away from the "base" (where all the petals are attached to the stem) due to that part is glued and the FO will eat the glue and all your petals go "boom" on the floor =)

As far as sales goes with them, MEH! We carry them at our market and have maybe sold a couple dozen so far in the past year... Well we did get a custom order for 3 dozen once, but other then that... there they sit =)

Hope that helps some =)

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I saw a guy selling them at a local show and selling alot, but he was selling them for .75c each, or two for a dollar. There is no profit in that.. cant say people would have bought them for much more.

edit to add: they were not the ones NG has. I got an NG one fom somewhere (maybe in an order? cant remember.) and it fell to pieces in my hand.. cheap cheap cheap. These were the larger, more sturdy roses.

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Does anyone sell these? I think you can get them from Bitter Creek, but do they sell for you? Does the fragrance last? Can you use straight FO or should it be cut with DPG?
:cheesy2:Hey Raven! I received one with my fo order from NG. It was complimentary with my order and when I took the plastic off to smell it the petals fell apart! But the scent was awesome. It was called "Fresh Pear" and I plan on ordering the scent if I order again from them. If you have to purchase the roses from them I'd be careful since mine fell apart. The scent was not strong at all. You have to put it to your face to smell it. Just wanted you to know how mine worked in case you order their roses.
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Check out www.woodrosefactorydirect.com Hope that helps. I ordered wood roses before but cant remember where I got them. I just remember it was in Florida. I dont know if this is the site where I got mine but they have alot. Maybe you could order a sample. I scented mine myself.

Im Sorry It is www.woodenrosesfactorydirect.com

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