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Coconut Candles


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I really like that you left the husks on the coconut. Gives the candle a more rustic look. Very nice!

But how did you get them cut so level? I used to live on Maui and my brother and I would husk coconuts with machetes to open them. I got pretty good and could husk one in a single stroke but don't remember ever getting one sliced right down the center like that. (I think I'm lucky I never cut off my foot husking coconuts!)

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pleasureridgecandles: Thanks for the comments. The water candle one is my favorite also.

leisa2003: The insides of the coconuts are naturally white but, you cannot use them like that as they will deteriorate with time. I removed all the coconut fruit, cleaned thoroughly, let dry and then added white colored, scented paraffin half way. Then I rotated the coconut to get the wax to stick to the sides. This was done many times until I got that look. After it cools I finished the wax pouring process. The shells had no cracks to seal.......although on some one hole always appears on the bottom, that was sealed with wax.

Candybee: The husk really add to the look on these. I have a friend who has a band saw and he kindly offered to cut them for me and cut the bottoms level so they stayed still. He charged me 1 candle for his services. Although I like those level cuts, I really prefer the water candle one because I scored it around the center with a hand saw and then with a hammer gently tapped around it till it broke in 2 pieces with some jagged edges.

One thing about the husks: I brushed them lightly with the FO for added throw....

Another benefit is that these candles float in water, adding a lot of effect for a special occasion.

lovemylabs: Thanks for looking and the comments.....TJ

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They look great!

We recently came back from a trip to the Philippines and over there they had a lot of coconut products - some amazing stuff made from coconut fibre. They also had candles in coconut shells but the shells were heavily varnished. I wanted to buy one but we'd run out of room in our suitcases by then.

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