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mixing fragrance oils


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thanks for all the replies everyone! i have a bunch of oils from different places that i think would smell great together!

another reason i asked is that i have some mixtures that i wanted to make soap with, but one of the oils in the mixture is not skin safe. i found skin safe versions from another company. would i have to ask about this in the soap forums or would the same apply for soaps and candles

oh and happy thanksgiving!

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but one of the oils in the mixture is not skin safe

If this is the case then in no way would I use this in any soap product. The liability that you would face if something horrible happened.... so not worth it. If you found one that IS body safe from another supplier, then I would just buy that and know its good =)


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i know to only use skin safe oils in soaps. i should have worded it better than i did, i think everyone misunderstood me :)

here is what i mean:

i have a mixture of 3 oils from company A. i use that mixture to make a candle. i want to make soap to match. oils 1 and 2 are skin safe, oil 3 is not. i found a skin safe version of oil 3 from company B. i want to make soap (and also the candle to match with the new blend because i know that the same scent from different companies can smell different) using a mixture of skin safe oils 1 and 2 from company A, and skin safe oil 3 from company B.

i hope this makes sense and isn't a stupid question lol!

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