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Renaming Moonworks 'Autumn Embers'?


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This is performing wonderfully for me in IGI 4627, Status jar, HTP 105 wick, good burn and no soot as long as I keep the wick trimmed. Very strong thrower; you can smell it all over my house and I have to move it from room to room or it gets too overwhelming in one room.

It is such a cozy, warm scent I'd like to keep using it the other cold months but call it something else that's not so tied to Autumn. Suggestions?


Home Fires?


Fireside Glow?

Something with "Cozy" in it?

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I like Home Fires; I thought I came up with it and had to look back at your list again and seen that you already had it listed, lol

Some others:

Cozy Cabin

Cozy Campfire

Feels Like Home

Cozy Comforts

Comfortable & Cozy

Comfortable Chair

Cozy By The Fire (or By The Fire)

Cozy Celebrations

Get (getting?) Cozy

Of those, I think I like Cozy Cabin best.

I've never smelled it, but it sounds wonderful! Good luck.

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