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Hi Oceangazer1-

I am new here and new to candle making but got a huge shipment of oil samples from Justscents a few weeks ago

The ones I have tried so far that are amazing and super strong(and I am very particular about strong-if it doesnt smell the whole house its gone)are:

-spiced cranberry


-autumn leaves

-cranberry orange

-aspen winter

-pumpkin spice

I have many more to try but I do like them so far right up there with Candlescience. I am still in the testing stages of candles but have the tarts down pretty good using 464 and ecosoya PB

I am spending way to much money trying different suppliers to find the perfect oils but just may have to check out the sale! LOL -LOVE the spiced cranberry- so homey

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Caramel Cinn Latte for sure!! They are soo many that I love but that one is by far my fav. I've gotten the Blueberry Cheesecake b/c of it being highly recommended, but, have not burned it yet. CT smells awesome though!! Pumpkin Spice is another winner and Frosted Pumpkin I am selling like crazy. Mac Apple too!!

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