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Trying to make the switch...

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from my 4630 parafin candle wax, container candles to soy candles.....wow this is very hard and discouraging.

My paraffin candles blew you out of the house - strong, wonderful. But I have been having ppl at craft sales ask for soy... and NOT buy from me if they are not:sad2:!!

Have been testing the new ecosoy excell with several diff wicks - lx & cd's

Have also been testing ecosoya 135 - with lx's.

So far - my gut feeling is that soy will not give me the same scent throw as paraffin!!:sad2:

Have been using fo's that are suppose to throw in soy, and they are the same ones I used in my 4630.

Flames look good - get a good mp and fairly good HT for the first burn, but the next burn not so great.

Any help would be much appreciated. Vanessa

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I have read over and over that soy requires a higher percentage of FO to get the same scent throw as paraffin. That's why I posted my question of frustration below about how some people say they're getting the same scent throw for the same amount of FO in soy that you can get in paraffin.

I don't sell so don't have the issue you have with customers, but if there is any way you can educate them on that stupid lie about how soy is better than paraffin, then that is the best way to go.

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Be prepared with a lot of patience. I used paraffin and decided to do soy container candels about 6 years ago since so many were asking for them. It takes a ton of testing to get something to throw in soy as powerfully as it does in paraffin; and that equates to a bigger financial investment. But when you find that soy "sweet spot" where the FO, wax and wick all work together you can get some great throwers.

All along my customers have wanted particular aromas and I tried to do them in soy. I was able to get most to throw but with others I had no luck no matter how hard I tried.

But it seems lately (since last fall) that they don't care what wax is used ... they just want aromas that pack a punch. So for this fall I'll be making more paraffin than soy especially since the specific requests for soy are declining. Love that since, as you've noticed, it's so much easier to work with paraffin.


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I had the same problem. I made powerhouse parrafin candles but customers wanted soy because it was a 'natural' wax.:rolleyes2

So I made the switch and it took me about 2 years to get my candles just right and throw well. Like Judy mentioned some fragrances won't work while others throw like crazy. It takes a lot of testing to find the right ones.

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