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  1. Hi all, wondering how your liquid soap sales are. Am thinking of adding to my line of products. My top seller currently are my bar soaps & bath bombs. thanks, vanessa
  2. Hi Bath Bombers! wondered about adding corn starch to my bombs. those of you that use it, what positive properties does it add to your bombs? tia - Vanessa
  3. I use BC's Love Spell and its dead on! have used it for a long time - smells great in candles, melts, lotions, scrubs & bath bombs. Morfs a tad in soaps, but is still good in soaps.
  4. When I calculate the amount of fo needed for my sugar scrub, do I calculate from the TOTAL amount the recipe will make-in other words ( oils and butters and waxes and preservative AND the SUGAR) ? So if my recipe makes 120 oz when finished - do I multiply .02 by 120 and get 2% f.o. For my scrub? thanks all - vanessa
  5. Ya, they just sent me an e-mail that they are bringing it back! Im doing the happy dance!!
  6. I'm sorry to say Bittercreek has discontinued BNL Cuc Melon sad day as this is one of my TOP selling soaps. anyone recommend a good cuc melon for cp soaping with no d or a? vanessa
  7. Hi all, . Those of you that use tussa silk in your soaps, what properties does it give your soap? Do you notice a difference in soap with vs not with the silk? tia, Vanessa
  8. Hi all, what do ppl like , or what sells better - sugar or salt scrubs? tia - Vanessa
  9. Lime leaf & Lily does real well in cp. no discoloration. Smells very nice & clean. They have the best creme Brulee , does well in soy.
  10. Thanks everyone for your encouragement. I came up with a name...Savannah Bay!
  11. Hi all! So I've added a new soap to my line. Bb's tobacco & bay leaf. This is a pic of the finished soap. It is a very sophisticated fragrance. I smell The tobacco leaf comin through. Has wonderful reviews. My question - what to name it? I'd like to name it something tobacco BUT A tobacco name that won't turn ppl off ? What do you all think? Vanessa
  12. Tall tayl That's the exact tea strainer that I have, but the glitter runs right through it without control :/ Am I doing something wrong?
  13. Thanks much all! Tried the tea strainer - didn't work, looks like I will need to make an order with ah/re!
  14. Hi all! I love glittering the top of my soaps, but have trouble controlling how much goes on when I shake it from the container. What do you all use to apply glitter EVENLY to the tops of your soaps? Thanks, Vanessa
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