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Storing candle samples only in garage in Texas

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I know that living in Texas and especially in the summer I would never want to store any candles I would plan to sell in the garage due to melt issues.

However I am trying to organize and get my tons of testers out of the house. I am not ready to melt down or part with them all yet in case I want to re-viist the container/ secent and so forth. I was thinking of storing them in some boxes in the garage but obviuosly it will be hot in the summer. I am not worried about a little melting as they are just testers.

My big question is would it be dangerous in terms of flashpoint and fire? Maybe that sounds stupid and I doubt it would get that hot out there. I do know some oils have a lower flashpoint though so I started worrying about this.

Probably stupid question but I would welcome thoughts!:tiptoe:

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Okay thanks. I knew it was a stupid question but I started worrying about it. And good point about the gas candybee.

I have melted down a lot of the stuff I don't want to keep and gotten rifd of it but there are a few that I want to hang on ot smell later and see what I think. I know it will melt but that's okay.

Thank you for putting my mind at rest. :)

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Yes I wish we had basements or cellars here.

Right? My friends house has a root cellar here- their Great Great Great Grandparents would hide during Comanche attacks in it. Now the only thing that hides in it is Rattle snakes and Brown Recluse. Yuck!

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My post probably wasn't entirely clear. These are my tester jars. The ones I played with for scent and wicking. These aren't the ones I would show anyone. Most have been burned already and tested. Just hate to throw them all out and want to store them away for a rainy day to play with.

I totally agree. My samples are kept inside.

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