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FINALLY got my Candlewic order & I am in lurve...


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with the oob smell of the Pomegranate Henri Bendel type and the Black Currant & Cassis! :drool: I can't wait to get these in wax! :yay:

Fig Henri Bendel not so much :tongue2: and the rest are ok, nothing to write home about afa oob smells but at least not in the "meh" or "yuck" category. :lipsrseal

How are everyone else's recent Candlewic sample orders (IF you placed one)? Any new winners or losers in there on first inspection?:D

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I love the Strawberry daquari, Red Apple Peel and Sugar Cane and vanilla so far. The Strawberry oob is terrible but oh so good in wax when burning.

Not too thrilled with Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and the Whipped Pumpkin Pie.

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Personally I like the Henry Benall Fig type. But I like the more spicey types.

If you like the Pomegranite and the Black Current Cassis, then try Bartlett Pear, White Barn Type and Berry Tangerine Yankee Type

Oh thanks for the recommendations Carrie! And I'll wait to pronounce final judgement on the Fig until I've poured it, that was just my oob impression! ;)

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