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Palm better then soy???

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i posted a thread about the crud build up on the sides of my tins as well as the very dry, volcanic rock look post burn on the surface of my wax.. after doing some research i'm thinking of possibly switching to palm wax.. Ive heard that the throw is much better and i wont have the aesthetic post burn problems anymore... what do you think?:*super banana*

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I pour both Soy and Palm and like both. I'm not sure I get any better throw with the palm now that I've settled on a soy I like.

For palm containers there are limited choices and I use Glass Glow from Candle Science along with their CSN wicks. It makes a beautiful candle and is easy to work with.

For soy containers I use Ecosoya Xcel with CD wicks and have good results.

For palm pillars I use Feather, Starburst and a custom blend that I make with CSN wicks.

This works for me. Not sure what problems you had with soy just be ready for different problems with palm.

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This might just be me, but I prefer to solve every problem I'm having with a wax before I move onto another... but the crystalization look that soy wax can get after a burn is just a characteristic of soy... some FO's do it more than others... so if it bothers you that much, I would say soy might not be right for you.

Again, I think I've worked with my wax enough that 99% of my candles actually dont have that rocky texture, but it may have a swirly look after it cools, I dont think thats a bad thing.... never once have I had any customer even mention it, sometimes I think we as candle makers focus on things a cutomer might not ever even notice :)

Every wax is going to have its problems, as steve mentioned. Hopping from one wax to another in testing phase is a good thing to do, but dont abandon a wax for one problem, try and solve it first... if you cant, or you cant live with the results you are geting, by all means move on.. but every wax will have its curiousities

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Don't know if changing to palm to use in your tins is the best idea. IMO palm wax looks best in a glass container where you can see the crystalization. Especially if its glass glow you will want to get the benefit of the candle glow in a glass container. That won't work with tins. You also need a large enough container with palm as it burns much different than soy and takes its time for the sides to catch up than soy.

I also believe that switching waxes before you have learned everything about soy is not the best way to go either. Switching to palm doesn't make it any easier. All waxes have their pros and cons and you have to learn to work with the wax to make the application you want.

It took me 2 years to get my soy containers right and another year on top of that to get an awesome throw from my soy. Its all in the testing. Plus all of that experience helped me when I started using palm wax.

There was someone on this forum not too long ago that kept switching waxes and ended up complaining about all the problems they had with all those waxes and they couldn't make a decent candle out of any of them. I wasn't surprised as you have to work with the wax you choose to make it work for you.

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I used soy for about 3 years and I got sick of the frosting and blooming issues and it seemed there were some FOs that just did not work well in it.

I switched to palm and really like it..... now that I have the hang of wrecking the tops. Some people say they have never found an FO that did not work in palm but I did find a couple that were not all the great as far as hot throw. Can't remember which ones right off the top of my head though. There were a couple also that I thought did better in soy but they still worked okay in palm.

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