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Best pouring equipment question

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Hi all!

I have 140 oyster cups to fill and 140 3 oz. votive glass containers to fill and was wondering what you all use to fill these really small containers with.

I have the large pour pots, but it's make such a mess.

What's something small that will pour easily and make minimal mess?



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These little stainless steel teapots are great for pouring in small molds or containers and even doing layered candles. We picked up abut half a dozen at a local restaurant supply shop.


I also have a few stainless steel creamers I've found at various flea markets for as little as 50 cents.

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I make tiny one pound batches at a time and use a grease pot from Wal-Mart. It's all aluminum so it doesn't hurt for the handle to sit down in the Presto pot while the wax inside is melting. The only problem is I haven't been able to get it to be completely drip-free; I always lose a little wax running down the sides. I wish I could figure out a way to solve that because otherwise this is perfect for my little experiments.

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I bought a second-hand Braun drip coffee maker at a local Salvation Army-type of store here for about $7. I like the coffee carafe because of how it pours the wax. I can also warm the wax back up on the coffee burner (mine seems to stay below 190*F but I recommend gauging yours if you get one). I've been very happy with this arrangement and like it better than a hot plate.

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