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Partial Mottle (Micro and 1274)


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11.5oz IGI 1274

0.5% IGI Microsere 5715 (170 MP, 28dmm)

3.7% (12ml) Cucumber Melon

2 drops olive

3" pillar

LX-16 (partial mottle, no bleed)

CandleScience had their warehouse sale last weekend and I picked up some things they don't normally stock, including this dye (it really is olive, better pics later) and 15 pounds of micro wax (all wax was 25c/lb).

No idea how it'll burn. Wick is right for 0-2% stearic. Doubt this little of this micro will harden it enough to discourage bulge. They had higher MP micro there but I only asked about mottle control and not hardening so I missed out on it. Still, the mottle pattern is great, there is absolutely no surface oil. I'll have to see how it holds up to different fragrances, but at the moment looks like I found a winner, and at 0.5% I have enough to last a very long time.

Outside of that one-time sale, the only supply of hard (190) micro I can find online is at GenWax, at $5/lb+$10s/h. The only other is Candlewic's 180 at ~$3/lb.

The 0.5% Clear Crystals (FT wax from CandleChem) does a similar amount of mottle with 3% FO. The wax looks more clear or "jewel tone"-like with that, whereas the micro leaves it about like it would be with no additive. Stearic, even at 2%, makes the wax slightly more opaque and doesn't help much with bleed. I kind of like the clear look, but it is odd. What I have here looks just like the expensive ones in the stores. Whole Foods has Pacifica for I think $20 for a 3x6. Target and K-Mart have similar for a little less. The pros still have an edge on the fragrances, though. Illume's Sahara Sage and Pacifica's Sandalwood, for instance, are heavenly.

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