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New soap--wet pic


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I made this with a blend of Energy and Yuzu from BB. I did an in-the-pot swirl of 4 colors. YIKES! I did this at such a light trace that I'm praying that the whole mess doesn't separate because it's so pretty right now. IF it turns out, I'll post cut pics in a couple of days.


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ash won't hurt your soap...so don't throw it out because of that...

alot of us get ash...and when we do...we embrace it....:)

let it sit..even it is soft now...give it a week or two..and you will be surprised..

so it could still turn out to be a wonderful soap...

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Thanks for all the nice comments! I used the POP micas, red lake 40 and copper penny mica. The POP micas were tangerine and black. The colors did fade a bit, and it's still soft and lye heavy. I'm afraid that it didn't gel and I don't know if I'll need to rebatch the whole mess or not. I'll leave it for a few weeks and then see about it.

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it does not matter if it gelled or not..that is just a preferance that some people have...it will not hurt your soap if it didn't gell...

but you do want to make sure it is not lye heavy...

did you run you recipe thru a soap calc?

if it is still lye heavy after a week..i would say somewhere along the way..the measurements got off...

my soap normally within 2 days, i can do a zap test and it is fine..

and the softness won't hurt either...i

depending on your recipe..will determine how hard your soap will get..

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Whew...it's fine now. I did the zap test and no zap last night. It actually turned into soap now! The chemical reaction of soapmaking and how fast things can change from day to day still amaze me! Once it firms up a bit more, I'll trim up a piece or two to show the inside swirls. :cheesy2:

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