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Looking for a fragrance similar to ---


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I'm wondering if anyone could suggest a fragrance, or fragrances, that would fall into the same category as Sweetcake's Angel.... too bad it is soooo expensive.. but it does sell very well for me and I'd like to add at least one similar fragrance. This would be in CP soap. So, anyone know of a good fragrance that is kind of patchouli - amber - sandalwood - 'ish' ??

Thanks in advance!!

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i have never tried any of the above ones..

but i just got a sample of CS..OOB it smells very nice..

I have it curing in my wax now...and it smells incredible while curing..

so can't wait to burn it..

will let you know how it does..

i am also going to try it in cp..before long..

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Aroma Haven has it...and damn it I can't think of the name they call it...grrrr.

I used to buy SC's expensive Angel...and then switched to their "not as expensive version" and it was good too.

I have a very good friend that loved SC's and I told her that I was going to try another supplier's version of it. She told me that she could not tell the difference.

Damn it...I wish I could think of it.....maybe someone else will chime in. If not...I will go out to my shop tomorrow and check it for you.

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Thanks everyone! I just don't think I can bring myself to pay the $66/pound anymore.... it is great stuff, but I've got to get smart.... I did get some from CS, while nice it's just not as "rich".

Thanks again, I'll check out those other supplies:smiley2:

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It has been out of stock for over a year. I asked about it last spring.

It's letting me add it to my shopping cart now, perhaps they've finally restocked?

[ETA] I'm talking about the Angel Heart.

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