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Hello from the Newbie =0)

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Hey everyone!

It is so nice to be here. I just thought i would take a minute and introduce myself.

My name is April and im from East Texas. I am new to candle making (just made my 5th batch) and so far so good. It is very addicting. Also i am doing my first craft show/sell this May in my hometown. Im so excited to learn and experiment and make as many candles as i can! I am currently battling a brain tumor that has reoccured for the second time so i have a little time on my hands and i like to stay busy. I also make web and graphic designs of all kinds. I am not married or do i have any children. I am just looking to make friends and share stories, advice and experiences with people who like to do the same things as i do. I love anything crafty from scrapbooking to candle making. Thanks everyone for your time and i look forward to getting to know each one of you. God bless.


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Thank you so much everyone for all the warm welcomes!:cheesy2:

Ill try tommorow to post some pics of some of my latest candles. Has anyone ever bought supplies from Starrville in Texas? They have one a few towns over from me and ive been wanting to check it out so bad...lol. but i was just wondering what you all may think about it.

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April I haven't ordered much from Starville but here Creme Brulee gets good reviews. I also ordered their high maintenance and like that one. If they are close enough you should pick up some sample sizes of things you think you would like and test them out. I learned the hard way that it's more cost effective to try samples out before you buy the big sizes!

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