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A Crochet Scrubbie, Facecloth, Makeup Remover Set


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Oh those Crochet Scrubbies used to be very popular at a farmer's market not too far from here. When we first started buying them years ago they were like 75 cents, now they are up to almost $3. (or last I knew). I use them not only for food, but when I clean wax out of my wax dishes. Do you sell them in sets? or do you sell them separately? Can you pm me your etsy?

Oh I see they are a set, duh. So I guess I should ask do you sell the scrubbies in sets?..lol

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Thank you all :)

I think the set will sell for $19.95, I have 2 more face scrubbies to add to the set.

It wasn't totally my idea, I saw a similar set on Etsy. I added the travel "soap rug" it works like a soap dish.

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