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how long to wait before wrapping ?


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I use Dan's bands and generally wait at least a month before packaging. Even after waiting that length of time I frequently have to give another hit of the heat gun if it's a few weeks later that I'm sending out the soap.

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It depends not just on time, but on how much water you used in the recipe and even on the weather, so one thing you can do is weigh a bar (or multiple bars together, depending on how sensitive the scale is) to see when the weight stops decreasing from week to week. Then you know the moisture has stabilized and the soap is good to wrap.

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thanks everyone. and i am assuming for hp, the wrap time could possibly be cut in half?

Dee, I wrap my hp in about 3 days. When I can squeeze the bar and not get a indent in it,..then I wrap it. (I also do a water discount in my recipes).

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