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2010 Booth Setup


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It looks nice but my only critique is that it needs more height. I use the plastic shelving to create a three level tier and then I cover them with a matching table cloth. The height makes it more eye catching and you can bring your showier pieces to eye level.

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Love your table covers! Did you make them?

Sorry, been meaning to get back and answer the questions people have had.. Though a nasty cold virus has invaded our house..

(1) What's in the baskets? We have sample sniffers (of the scents) in the baskets (they are in little 1oz glass bottles). In the drawers we have tealights in each of our scents. This was the first show that we had tried this type of setup (allowing people to mix and match a set of tealights).

Our logic was to allow people to sniff each of the scents and then choose what scents they wanted (in regards to tealights). But, we found out that this didn't work that well. Even with a few signs pointing out that they can mix and match scents. So, since this was a two day show, on the second day we turned around the drawer sets to let people help themselves to the tealights. This did prove to have much better results, so the baskets that are in front of the tealight drawers were removed.

(2) Did you make the table cloths? No, we did purchase those online. The cost for all 3 tables cloths was $150 (so $50 for each table). Which for the quality is much better than other places we had looked. Not going to advertise anyone in the post, but if you would like the URL for where we got them from (just send a PM).

JacquiO - Thank you, that's what I've been telling my wife is that we do need to add some height to our booth.

Any other comments or suggestions (critiques) are greatly appreciated..

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Very nice. I miss doing shows. The set up and haul in/out wasn't fun.. but I always have done awesome at shows.

Hope it was a good one for ya :)

Well, as far as sales it was ok..

But, we did learn some important lessons coming out of that show.

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