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Anyone involved in the Quilts for Kids?


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www.QuiltsForKids.org I'm working on my second set of quilts ( you can request your first kit from downy) I'm having a blast trying to create new ideas for these.. almost like the challenges. I do encourage everyone to get a kit to do, there is no handwork needed.. it's all machine sewing.

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I've never known one ill child that has criticized construction of their quilt! Locally, the children are brought a selection of several quilts and they can choose whichever they want ... and their personalities come shining through. One bubbly 7 year old selected a "crazy quilt" that had the most vibrant colors. A more sophisticated teen boy picked a monochrome.

It's a break in the poking and prodding when the quilts arrive and they can go "shopping." The part that impressed them the most was that someone they didn't know cared enough about them to make that quilt! They light up and glow ... and ALWAYS get into a discussion with other pediatric patients, and even their visitors, about the merits of the one they picked. You can tell how important the quilt is to them ... even in all the excitement of going home they make sure their quilt is packed, and some will even carry it to the car themselves.

If you want a great feeling of satisfaction - make one. Just remember to do it all on the machine!

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The children's hospital here in Salt Lake City gives quilts to the kids as well. When my 10 year old was 2 1/2 months old, he ended up in the hospital for a week with surgery for malrotation of the bowels and had his appendix removed. They gave him a quilt and once he was old enough to understand why and where he got it, he carried that thing around until it fell apart. When my 15 year old went in for a biopsy about 8 years ago, she also got one and still has it to this day.

I am not sure what type of organization donates the quilts, but I can tell you that they make a HUGE difference in the kids up here.

eta: I just went on their website and requested kits for myself and my daughter. She loves doing stuff like this and it will be a great project for us to do together. :)

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As far as i can tell there is no deadline for the return, atleast nothing i see in my packet. i did my first 2 within a week, so i really wasn't thinking on a timeline. I think it's basically an ongoing project.. With this being a slow time of the year, i have been sewing alot.:P:p

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How about everyone post pictures of the quilt they do to give us that stuggle with quilting a moral boost. I will post mine.

That's a deal!! I hate to sew and when I do quilt, it is by hand. So this combines something I love to do (quilt) and totally dispise (sewing).

But I think that posting what we make may inspire others to give it a shot. Trust me when I say, these kids could care less if the stitching is not straight or the pieces are off a little. The quilt is what the love; the giver is what they love; they could care less if it is perfect or not!!

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Okay they could have been worse

Vicky - I think they're great! :yay:

I imagine the one on the left would be picked by a pretty little princess who loves pink. The one on the right will certainly brighten up a boring white hospital room.

Sure didn't take you much time ... was it easier than you thought it would be? I've made a couple like the one on the left completely out of mis-matched scrap fabrics. I'd rather use the scraps that way then send them to the landfill.

Congrats! They will bring a smile to 2 kids faces and I hope it's brought one to yours, too!

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Make A Pillowcase

Make A Difference

While searching for a location for the Quilts for Kids, the store in Houston also is a sponsor for this organization that makes pillowcases for cancer patients, foster children and womens shelters. their goal is to have 1,000,000 pillowcases donated to various hospitals and charities.

I thought for those that don't quilt, maybe a pillowcase?

Since closing my candle business, I've chosen baby rag quilts as my next adventure. My sewing machine came in yesterday, waiting on a quilt kit (to test my patience and ability) before really diving in to this new area of interest. If it's good enough I will be donating it.

I'll post a pic of my first one, hopefully soon.


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Yea Carrie what kind of machine did you get?

Nothing real fancy.

Brother CS-6000i. Don't really know what's a good one thse days. It's been 26 years since I've sewn. Last items were maternity tents! LOL At least that's what my co-workers told me.

Read alot of good reviews and can be used for quilting.

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Did you get the one with the extension table if so I am so jealous. My regular machine is so old that those where high dollar extras when I bought it and my other is a combo machine so that extra did not come with it.

Yes, it came with it. Did I do good?

OH, and it's computerized....oh dear, I think I'm going to have to really read up on this one. I'm use to ole bessie types.....:confused:

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