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While this person actually HAS an event, they are asking for free product for gift baskets for an event that costs people $25.00 to attend. It doesnt sound promising to me. There is something similar, actually exactly like what this lady is describing here in Utah, its incredibly well publicized, billboards, news, newspaper... and I believe free or very cheap to attend. Because of that.. thousands of women attend. It looks like this event, based on the event book, is for 100 women or less and she hasnt sold one single ticket. So.

I respectfully declined, but wanted to give others a heads up.

Message she sent: "We have read about your product & believe that it would be a great product to promote at our event, the Ladies R&R Affair.

The Ladies R&R Affair will be a quarterly event targeting women ages 25 and older. Our commencement date is scheduled for April 10, 2010. This event will give women a break from the daily grind. At the Ladies R&R Affair the women will be able to indulge in spa treatments, purchase products from local vendors, dine on delectable hors d’ oeuvre’s and gourmet cupcakes.

We are very committed to promoting an eco-friendly/green environment and therefore we have hand selected those vendors who make organic or ‘green’ products. We would love to promote your product by including your product & company information in our Event brochure. The only thing that we ask of you is that you provide us with sample products to place in our guest bags, to be distributed at the end of the event.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Dawn Wilson-Live It Up Promotions! dwilson [!at] liveituppromotions.com or urbanliving01 [!at] hotmail.com."

Dawn Wilson

Event Coordinator

Ladies R&R Affair


Like I said on the Christine post... I do have a friend who does this for a living, makes gift baskets... and she does request samples of handmade artisans, but she requests ONE, maybe TWO... never more than that, and she then works with the artist to get a good rate so she can purchase hundreds of whatever item.. my friend gave hundreds of my soaps out in baskets in the past year. So I know there are some good guys out there, but this was a request for hundreds of FREE items. Not legit.

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Note the absence of credible vital information like how many years has this event been going on, how many cities, how well attended, speakers, panels, facilitators, etc.

Its also suspicious that you were asked to contribute to the gift bags but they haven't shown interest in asking for a product demo or offering a booth set up for you?!!

For this kind of contribution you need numbers and statistics to consider. There is also no info on what will draw people to the event or if there are even any potential buyers.

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I take that last statement back. The 'draw' is of course the free gifts that the ladies can 'indulge' in.

This is a great setup for them to draw a large attendence without paying anything for freebies while they sell whatever it is they are selling.

no kidding.. if she gets 100 ladies to attend, she gets 2500 in ticket sales alone. Then, shes charging vendors to be there.. so more money in her pocket. She might be taking some off the top of each sale too. And what is she out? Nothing! Because shes giving away freebie bags full of products from Etsians she is taking advantage of. Quite the deal.

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I don't give anything away for free. It's not free for me to make and replace so why would anyone think they would not have to pay for it? I may send small samples with paid orders from time to time but that is it.

I love the "sample your product before purchase" letters too. We must get 10 a week.

I wonder if I wrote a letter to my bank and asked to sample their money before I considered opening an account. See how well that goes over.:laugh2:

Good luck with this, so many people get taken every day with nonsense like this. Thanks for posting it.

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Thanks :) Her names Nala, we adopted her about 3 months ago- shes a Maine Coon and we must have held 30 cats before we chose her. She was the only one who didnt hide when my kids came into the meet and greet room, and the only one who played the whole time she was out of the cage... shes hilarious! I've never had such an opinionated, expressive cat, lol. I feel so sad for her because its really obvious she was someones baby before she ended up there... so I hate to think that maybe she was just dumped, or worse, something happened to her people.... but I'm glad we have her now!


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