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An apology for my vent


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I want to extend my sincere apologies to Jokerjen and this board for my outburst. It was unprofessional, insensitive, and not called for. My "issue" should have been addressed privately.

Not using this as an excuse, but my decision to close my business was not an easy one to make and it's become very emotional for me right now. It truly breaks my heart to let it go, but it's just time. I've had a tremendous 9 years of candlemaking and it just feels like I'm losing a part of me.

DH is not happy with me closing at all. My wholesale accts. aren't happy either. Gosh.....

Plus DS has wanted me to stop for the past 2 years. He's in jr. high now and will start football next year, so I feel as his mother, I need to be there for him 100%. As you all know, our businesses can dictate much of our existence at home and with our families. I feel as though I've been a part-time mom to my youngest who was 2 when I started and is now 11.

Again, please accept my apologies. I'm really truly sorry.


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You will not regret your decision to close down shop since your children will always remember you were there for them. My DH went from being a head coach to an assistant so he could be in the same school as our son. He has never regretted going backwards in his career since he was able to attend everything DS participated in.

And I understand the emotional rollercoaster ride about your decision also. AND you can always go back to making candles when your youngest graduates.

And I am impressed that you would publicly apologize.

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i too feel your decision is a good one...i am a believer that family is first..and you will never regret your choice...they are only children one time in your life...

i also think that is takes a very big person to apologize...

i commend you on that..

i am sure there is not one person reading this, that has not said things that later they wish they had not said...

but the person that stands out is the one that will admit it...:)

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Hi Carrie, I know what you are saying I did candles for years and now am no longer a candle maker either ..

have to do what is best for you , and your family.. there is many other things you can do now..

it is funny I came here to get rid of some items , but don't seem to be able to post in the classifieds..

anyway good luck in what you decide to do.. I came here late so I do not know what was said ..

Diane Mumm

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You are a good person to apologize. It was something you did in haste. Didnt think twice and then regretted what you said. Jokerjen I know appreciates the apology. It was the right thing to do.

You are under pressure. You don't want to give up but family comes first.I remember years ago making that decision to work or not. I decided to quit. Husband was taking care of the kids and they were very upset all the time.They were getting somewhat rebellious and didn't want me to work.I found out my husband did very little of the cleaning. He made them do it. BUT he always went out in public and took the credit. I was told over and over by my friends and others how lucky I was to have a husband like him. I thought so too till I found out he didn't do those things.:laugh2:

The next few years will go by fast and I am sure you will be back to candlemaking.


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