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Scents for spring & summer


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I've been thinking about scents for spring & summer ... any favorites out there? (I use 464) I appreciate all help & advice anyone gives.

I am an addict to the sweet food ones, but I think I need to lighten up for warm weather though! I don' like FLORAL though.

I am looking for a very sweet coconut lime. Heavy on the sweet, light on the lime. I have tried BCN and someone else, CS I think.

I've tried Brandied Pear from CS (I think it smells great, but people just pass it by, maybe it's out of style)

I'm also trying Strawberry Shortcake from CS (jury is still out)

What supplier has the best -->

Butt Naked

Monkey Mouth

Mango Papaya

Does anyone like a -->

lemon verbena

What about a good subtle clean scent for spring? I love to light a candle or tart after I have cleaned the house, it's the finishing touch!

These are some of my favorites so far that I keep in stock

Buttercreme Snickerdoodle from Brambleberry (Wonderful!)

Wildberry Mousse from CS (I think I can keep this on for summer)

Blueberry Muffins from BCN

Blueberry Cheesecake from CS (To die for!)

Strudel & Spice from CS

Cinnamon Buns from CS

Banana Nut Bread from KY

Caramel Pecan from KY

Pecan Pie from CS

Pomegranate from BCN (I think this will do for summer too)

Creme Brulee fro KY (To die for!)

I wrote a book again, sorry. :)

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A few that i'm adding to my line (so far) this year are;

ng's Aloe & white lilac--not heavy on the floral part, more of a clean scent to me.

ng's chubba dubba weight loss --Lovely citrusy scent.

ng's melon jasmine-just testing. Right now I small more jasmine.

ng's frosted lime cupcake--Doesn't smell that great oob, but in wax it's awesome.

ng's fresh linen--my favorite linen scent so far.

As for

butt-naked--has alot of cherry to it.

monkey mouth/farts--very close to ng's in smell

mango papaya -strong.

I use millcreeks with great results in gb415. If you like gain laundry soap millcreeks is dead on. There high cotton is great also.

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If you sell you are making a big mistake not adding florals in your line. Especially for spring. Some of my florals; lavender, honeysuckle rose, etc. sell big all year round. Other best sellers are lilac, honeysuckle, jasmine, gardenia, rose, daffodils (spring only) white lily, tuberose, cherry and lotus blossoms. I try to have a minimum of 2-3 florals or floral blends in my line all year round.

If you don't like florals try greens like Peaks Tall Grass or CS Himalayan Bamboo.

For Mango Papaya I like Peaks. I love CS Wildberry Mousse for summer. Struedel and Spice sells year round for me. I renamed it Cinnamon and Sugar and it really took off. CS Med Fig is also a big seller for me.

Have you tried CS Sun Washed Linen for a clean scent? Also their Rain Water is nice.

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Thanks candybee, I am sure you are right. Without some florals, my product line is not well rounded, but I have been trying to make sure I love what I make, that way there is excitement and pride in it. I should probably be more open minded, there may be a floral out there I love, just haven't found them yet!

What would be a good place to start, if I were only to have 1. I love honeysuckle, lilac and daffodils (real ones!) I see lilac is a best seller at NG, also the love spell copy is a best seller.

I've thought about renameing scents, just a little afraid I'll get confused myself!:)

I have a website, and for scent descriptions I have used the exact wording of the place I purchased scent from. Do you think that is a wrong? Renaming scents made me think of this.

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If you are looking for a good start for florals here are my top sellers:

Lavender (CS)

Honeysuckle Jasmine (CS) - or - Honeysuckle (Fillmore Containers)

Lilac (BW)

Rose (CS) - or - Golden Rose (CS)

Rose Bouquet (Peaks)

CS Hydrangea is wonderful but I have only made soap with it so far. CS also has a great Gardenia.

I mix Honeysuckle Jasmine with Rose 50/50% for a Honeysuckle Rose. It is a best seller next to Lavender. All from CS.

Try a sample of CS Med Fig. Its a combo fruit and floral that my customers love. You might find you like this floral.

I get my Daffodil fragrance from Fillmore Containers. It sells like crazy in early spring. They have some great florals. Another good one is their Tuberose and Jasmine. It is a strong floral due to the jasmine but it sells very well when I can keep it on the shelf.

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CandyBee, Thank you very much for getting me a start in the floral scents. I will get these to try. I will definately try the med fig from CS since it if fruity too. I tested a 'fruit slices' last summer, it was wonderful. It was fruit with sweet creamy notes, I think it was BCN or peak .. have to go looking.

Any fruity scents for spring & summer that a person shouldn't pass up trying?

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I love the tropical scents & bakery scents.

I get most of my scents from NG. My Favorites are listed below which are from NG...

butt naked-it has top notes of melon

Monkey Farts-Love it! Top notes of grapefruit,pineapples & banana

Grapefruit Mango- wonderful

Coco Mango is my all time favorite :cheesy2:

Honeydew Melon

Caribbean-another favorite!:) It smells like coconut & pineapples

Cool Citrus Basil

Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro-I like burning this one when I am serving chips and salsa

Yuzu-it had a fuel smell when I first used it but now since I pour at a lower temp it does not have the fuel smell anymore. I really like yuzu:)) It gives me energy when I burn it.

My Fav bakery scent that I burn all year round is Buttercream!

NG had a bargain fragrance of creamy coconut and it was awesome. Now they added a creamy coconut to their line and it smells like coconut milk. It is not sweet enough.

I just bought coconut fragrance oil from WSP and it is very good and almost like the bargain fragrance that I fell in love with.

My fav laundry scents are Fresh Linen, laundromat, clean cotton, & fresh outdoors.

That is as floral as I get too. I just don't like the floral scents so I don't make them. I do make Lavender Martini for somebody but it is very strong in a candle. I like lavender martini in a diffuser in my powder room.

I recently made Island Flower from millcreek and it was hard to stomach. It smelled nice out of the bottle but whew!!! too strong in wax..blah!

I am sure I forgot some but there is alot at NG that I like..oh yeah, don't forget blueberry and pomegranate!!

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I'm test-burning The Candle Source's J&J Bedtime Bath (Soothing Lavender) and it's a fantastic floral. I'm also test-burning their guava fig, and I'm loving that as well--deliciously juicy.

Just rec'd my latest SOS order and they included samples of what I gather they're pushing for spring/summer: fresh-squeezed orange juice, pink grapefruit, citrus, and lemongrass sage. Smell great OOB but I probably won't test-burn them for a few months, considering we're heading into winter in Australia :smiley2:

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Other good summer fruit scents are:

watermelon (CS)

coconut lime (CS)

cucumber melon (Peaks)

blackberry sage (Peaks)

strawberry rhubarb (Elements/Flickers)


black raspberry vanilla (SGS)

mediterranean fig (CS)

apple martini (Elements)

watermelon marguarita (BW)

maui wowie (BW)

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Smell great OOB but I probably won't test-burn them for a few months, considering we're heading into winter in Australia :smiley2:

WOW! Just heading into winter!! Blah! I can't wait until our winter ends....we have had soooo much snow, school delays and closings, narrow snowy roads..uggggh!

Candybee, "Maui Wowie" is a funny/cute name...I think somebody would sniff it because of the name :cheesy2:

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I too am sick of winter!! Too much snow for my taste and I live in the South!! It's suppose to be 62 here today and in anticipation of that...I shaved my legs!!!:laugh2:

If you don't care for florals why not try your hand at some herbal scents. I love Kaylin's Herb Garden (I think it's garden..could be called patch) anyway, it's very nice and throws wonderful. Also love it in my B&B products. It's from Aroma Haven.


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WOW! Just heading into winter!! Blah! I can't wait until our winter ends....we have had soooo much snow, school delays and closings, narrow snowy roads..uggggh!

We use quite a few NG scents and most are very nice. Some can tend to be a touch on the light side, but as we are also in Australia its difficult to sniff before purchase. We just generally take the chance and for the most part we have done pretty well.

Coco mango I did not like and first but now I love it.

Butt Naked is nice and quite strong.

Monkey Farts is awesome.

Lemongrass is great

Australian Bamboo grass is nice and fresh.

I am a real summer person, however I am so looking forward to winter so that my damn soy doesn't melt at the markets. Its sooo frustrating coming home from a day at the markets and then having to repair jars that have been sweating in the heat.

I cant wait till it cools down so that I can pour all that great new winter scents we have had delivered.

Such is life down under :)

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WOW! Just heading into winter!! Blah! I can't wait until our winter ends....we have had soooo much snow, school delays and closings, narrow snowy roads..uggggh!

:cheesy2: I not long moved back to Australia after 5 years in Paris and it's driving me *crazy* to see they've had more snow this year than when I was there--I miss the snow! And I'm not looking forward to testing my candles when it's cold--I have the feeling my kitchen's going to have issues.

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