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so fustrated

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First thing is to make sure that you're using a harder wax. For instance, softer soy is extremely difficult if not impossible to get out of some molds. HTH

The opposite can be true too. This same thing happens when I tried to make them with my palm wax because it becomes to hard & brittle when it sets up completely. I did have good luck with paraffin pillar wax when I made them myself but sorry I don't remember which one because it has been quite a while. Now I am too busy with other things & too lazy to fight with them so I just order them premade to avoid the hassle so I can just get on to the fun part of putting it all together. I have gotten them in both parrafin & soy before so I know it can be done with varieties of either.:P

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I tried that, I have even made some w/ and w/out CO, and that didnt seem to help. so, I was going to try some USA and maybe also try to add a little paraffin to harden it up. maybe this weekend i will work on it... Idk, i have 144 votives I have to get filled for a wedding,so I MAY not get to it:)

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