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You know, I have the same problem with so many different shades of browns so when I poured Jamaica Me Crazy I did it in teal and renamed it Jamaican Holiday. I think it would be fine. It's funny how color affects peoples sense of what it is. Anything red my husband's first words are "Strawberry??".....no dear, it's "roses!" :laugh2:. Last year I colored JMC yellow and people said..oh..I love pineapple...this year it's teal and people are saying...oh, smells just like my last island trip! Go figure!


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If its tropical why not use a sea foam or light turquoise color? I run into the same problem and try not to have more than 2 same candle colors in any of my collections. This makes you think outside the 'color' box and come up with some unique colors.

Hey if a big candle company on HSN shopping network can color their cinnamon candle a green apple color and sell tons of candles I say try it.

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This has been one of the really fun parts of candlemaking for me and my sister, to come up with a color that is pretty to us---doesn't matter if it's a traditional color that is typically used with a scent---and make a creative name to go along with it. It's art, so express yourself!

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