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Problem recipe ?


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ok so i made a batch of pink sugar using the cpop method. this is the recipe.

23 oz vege shortening

16 oz olive oil

13 oz coconut oil

12 oz lard

9.048 oz lye

24.32 oz water

used 1 oz FO pp oils. you can barely smell the pink sugar it is really light but it smells really bad cuz you can smell the shortening with it, so almost like a vomit smell. so i thought i'd rebatch it and add a little more FO well i did that and it still has the horrible shortening/lard smell. so this is a recipe i dont think i will use again. but does anyone see anything wrong with the recipe ? the ones i used for hp soap turned out good ( although a different recipe ) this is the recipe i used for hp

30% lard

30% crisco ( vege shortening)

20% canola

20% coconut oil

this one turned out fine the scent it nice and strong in it. but the first one, eww.

any suggestions on why the first recipe would over power the FO ?

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This is totally IMO, and I haven't run it through a lye calculator myself, but it might be the lard. If you gelled it or it got real hot, it could be that the lard just didn't mix with the FO you used very well scent wise. I used to make lard soap all the time and 99% of the time came out just fine, but there was one FO, I believe it was grapefruit actually, that just stunk SO BAD when I gelled it in a lard recipe!!

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i wouldnt think it got too hot, i had it in the oven for about 20 minutes @ 170, then shut the oven off and let it sit in there overnight. the other batches i did HP and im sure got it hotter and they turned out ok. but this was a bigger recipe too. i dunno. i think i am sticking with hp though cuz i dont have this many problems with it lol

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lard to me gives off a stronger odor than the crisco but I do notice in HP especially that the oil smells fade and the FO comes out after a a good 4-6 weeks of cure time.

Even though technically you don't have to cure HP IMHO the soaps smell

better with age.

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Poor lard--it always gets the blame. I don't get any odor from it though.

Personally, I'd never use Crisco in a soap recipe. You can easily get the impression that it's equivalent to a hard base oil, but it's nothing like that. To me, it's always a suspect ingredient. Too much linoleic acid.

I think linoleic soaps are the stanky ones. And they take a long time to fully saponify, which might be the difference between the CP and HP batch.

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