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New stuff.


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I thought I'd try and learn from some of you here and make my photo's a little more interesting by staging them with "stuff".

Hope they look ok?

Richard doesn't know I've taken these yet but I'm sure he'll be happy to share with you his jar fetish.

Currently they are taking over the house (literally!) and it seems that he just can't make up his mind which to use!

These are the current ones that have been tested but there are more yet to be trialed. One day he'll make a decision!!!




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Hi Tracy

Wow, wow, wow! I just love all your fabulous creations! How inspiring! And your presentation is just so wonderful....You did an awesome job...Richard I'm sure is going to be blown away! Those little jars with the knob lid I just love and I love how you grungied the lids on the other jars too. You and Richard are surely the king and queen of the palm pillars. Your colors just never cease to amaze me Tracy. Beautiful job!!!!!


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Thanks so much for all your kind and encouraging comments!

Mistakes? lol! There are PLENTY of those.

My biggest down fall is impatience. I can't begin to tell you how many pillars I have unmolded too soon and had wax dribble out when I've removed the wick pin.

No salvaging those! :( (I really need to buy more molds so I don't get tempted to take the candles out too soon in my haste to make more!)


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Glad you like 'em.

Time consuming yes. Drives me bonkers waiting for each layer to set. I know they're not very country and certainly not prim but they're eye catching on the stall.

Besides, I'd go nuts if all I could make were jars and melts.

Shops are so safe.....that's all they want are jars and melts.

Bugger them, I'll sell my hippy pillars at the markets! :)


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