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M&P salt bars?


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Theres been a lot of discussion here about making salt bars out of M&P. I think the general consensus is its not an easy thing to do given that the base tends to get mushy after a while with the added salt-- in particular epsom salts.

If you are going to try to make one I suggest using a better grade of salt from a supplier such as sea salts; dead sea salts, etc. Not sure if that will work either but you can give it a try.

Another way is to make salt 'chunks' to embed in the base. This has been done with limited success. Depends on how much and what base you are using.

As far as coconut oil goes, its a basic ingredient you find in most M&P bases. I have not seen one that doesn't have CO added in. You can also add more in to make the bar harder.

Maybe someone here who has had success with making one will chime in. But I don't recall anyone here commenting on being able to make one that didn't turn to mush after a week or two.

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There is an Etsy seller I have noticed who makes M&P salt bars...


It looks to me like she puts the salt in the mold, and pours on top.

I dont make M&P but I would assume you would need to give these bars a good few weeks to watch and see what happens over time.. I would think the salt would melt off the first time it was used in the shower since its just on the top- it doesnt look like she mixes it in to me, but I could be wrong!

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I made those very same soaps and they came out wonderfully! Look cool too! I posted a pic. a while back.

There's an interesting video on www.goplanetearth.com under their recipe section (beginner level I believe) that has gemstone salt bars. After the holiday rush I plan on trying these. You might be interested in at least viewing it and their other projects. They use M&P soap base.
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The molds are listed under their "Mold Market Quality Molds" section. Scroll down and they are on the right hand side and called "Faceted Jewel". They sell for $7.75 each and are a 3 cavity mold. Each one holds 4 ozs. Item #035.

After the holidays, I plan on buying some too.


oh good grief! I finally found it under ornate ones! Thanks!! :laugh2:

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