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Sweting soap?

Miadrianel Candles

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It's probably not a bad batch. It's the nature of some bases to sweat more than others. Changes in humidity and temperature can also cause the sweating. The best thing I've found is to wrap them in plastic as soon as they are made to keep them dry.

I've noticed that some companies bases tend to sweat more than others.

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The glycerin in the M&P bases will 'sweat' out of the soap when its hot, humid, or left in the sun. Glycerin retains moisture so its just doing its job.

To prevent the sweating keep the soaps wrapped and stored in a dry, cool place. If you don't have one you can use your refridgerater.

If the soap has sweated enough to cause a fuzzy looking outer crust you can remelt it down and repour into your soap mold. It will be perfectly fine. I do this all the time during the hot summer months after I've been to a market or craft show.

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