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CS Pecan Pie


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Hello, I recently tested candle science pecan pie in 464 and I love the scent, but would like to see stronger. I poured 1.5 per lb. in tarts. Does anyone know of one that smells so sweet and yummy like this one, but a little better in soy? I tried BCN pecan pie, did not like, smells burnt. Thanks so much for help. Aub :cheesy2:

I love the scents that smell like sweet food! Does anyone know a Christmas scent that is sweet and fattening?

I am planning on ordering these tomorrow:

Buttered Rum (CS)

Plumberry Spice (KY)

Caramel Pecan (KY)

Brandied Pear (CS)

Hansel & Gretels House (CS)

Creme Brulee (KY or CS)

Home for the Holiday (Peak)

Pomagranate (BCN)

Sweet Pumpkin (Daystar)

Any warnings or suggestions would be appreciated. Others to buy from Peak or Daystar, so I am not only ordering 1 flavor.

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Don't forget the Sugar Corn Pudding from KY. Got a tart in that one a couple of months ago and it is so awesome! Smells just like French Toast to me. Mmmmmmmm! Also love Country Gift Shoppe, Vanilla Butter Fudge, Grandmother's Toddy, Santa's Whiskers, and Roasted Coffee...all from KY. I mix the Roasted Coffee with the Caramel Pecan. Love it!

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