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Ecosoya advanced help

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Hello. I'm using ecosoya advanced and I love the wax. Problem is that it smells great when heating and also smells great when cold but when I burn the candles it doesn't give off as much scent as I would like. I am using 1.5 oz of fragrance per pound and I mix the dye chip and fragrance at 185 and then pour at 125 in heated jars. If anyone knows what to do to help this please let me know. Thanks, Jeanne

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Hi Jeanne,

This has been a subject on the board I also have read, some suggest coconut oil that you can buy at King sooper or walmart. Put in about 1 oz pp of wax. I haven't tried it with the ecosoya Advanced, but I'm going to. Some fragrances do well in the advanced wax and some don't. I made a chocolate on this summer and burned it outside I could smell it in my yard when I was pulling weeds man it was strong. www.ecosoya.com has fragrances from a list of suppliers that say they have good luck with the fragrances they list. Try there and find a comparable scent at your supplier.:yay:


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Ecosoya Advanced doesn't throw well. You'll have more luck with some fragrances than others, but across the board the scent throw will be less than other soy waxes.

Throughout the history of the board, this has been confirmed over and over again for years. Don't be misled by the occasional person who claims otherwise. Those people always quietly disappear or start using a different wax.

When Linda talks about a chocolate FO, that is one of a handful of fragrances that can easily be made brutally strong. If you want to use CBA, the key thing to concentrate on is fragrance selection. Try a lot of FOs and ruthlessly eliminate all but the standout performers.

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I have to agree with top. I tried the wax a while back and same thing happened to me. Smells great pouring the wax into containers and the cold throw is great. Made pretty candles, very opaque and nice tops etc. But light the thing and zero to little hot throw with the exception of only 1 fragrance I tried out of several.

I switched to the Ecosoya CB135 and have been very pleased with the throw both hot and cold. Mix it with a little parafin and you have a great candle.

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