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Scent Throw issues

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Hi everybody!!!

Look out! Newbie here!!!! LOL :)

I've started making candles as a hobby, its always something I've wanted to try and so far I'm having WAY too much fun I think. :yay: But, I really like a candle with GREAT scent throw and so far I haven't been that impressed with my work.

I'm looking for suggestions on things I could adjust to increase my scent throw.

I'm using Eco Soya CB Advanced, which so far I like the way it looks, its user friendly (have yet to need to do a 2nd pore), minimal wet spots, frosting, etc. But the scent throw isn't amazing.

The first candles I made were cured only 24 hrs before my husband jumped the gun and lit them! LOL I've been adding FO at about 150 and pouring at 115... All the other candles I've poured have been curing for about a week and the cold throw isn't much either.

Right now I'm sticking to 6% FO, using paper core wicks that I got as a sample pack from Candles & Supplies. The paper core wicks have been good (hardly any shrooming), but I have noticed a few posts saying that the wick can indeed affect the scent throw.

I've kind of been a lurker for awhile, kind of afraid to post anything being new to this I didn't want to get flamed right away.

But, what do you think I should try to adjust first? New wick, like a CD or HTP? Different wax? Increase the FO? I read the thread about the coconut oil, I may be running to Wally World this week and see how that works.

Anyways, thanks in advance! Looking forward to getting to know everybody here!


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How many different scents did you try? Alot of FO don't throw well in soy.

I don't use your wax, but I would probably try adding FO at a higher temp. It may not be incorporating well at 150.

If it were me, I would try tweaking what you already have before adding CO to the mix. It's just another variable to complicate things, IMO.

As far as wicking goes:

Are you getting a full melt pool when you burn the candles?

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I used to Ecosoya CB Advance, and I switched to GW464 (which is a little cheaper). I think the CBA has a weaker scent throw in comparison, although I like the looks of the tops better with the CBA (smoother after burning). I would first try letting the candles cure longer before changing other parameters. I've found that with some FOs, curing longer than 2 weeks helps, but definitely a minimum of 2 weeks. If I'm just testing wicks, though, I'll burn after 3 or 4 days.

I've gone crazy buying 10 different kinds of wicks, which I found was really unneccessary. I keep going back to CDs and HTPs. Just be sure to have a wide range of sizes of each type. Some FOs I've tried work fine at 6%, others better at 7 or 8%. If I have to use 9% just to get any smell, I don't use it (or I save it for tarts and sachets). HTH


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I use CB Adv. and heat to 175-180, just like my 6006, add color and FO, stir real well and pour. I was pouring into a 3-1/2" diameter tumbler that the set up really nice. Now, I'm not real thrilled with the scent throw either and discovered that your really strong OOB FO's and spicy FO's do better in this wax.

The FO's I've tried that do throw well are:

MC - Berry Creme Brulee

BC or NG - Harvest Spice

Any Chamomile

CS - Mimosa & Mandarin

CS - Peppermint Eucalyptus

CS - Himalayan Bamboo

OT - Karma

FOH - Moonlight Path

Any Banana Nut Bread

Starrville - Creme Brulee

I'll be testing more FO's soon.


I tried EZ Soy/GB415 and can't wait until it hits 100 deg. to pour, just way to busy for that wax..bummer though.

I use zinc wicks in the CB Adv. but may try the paper cores that you mentioned.

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Yeah, I just read the thread on FO's that do well in soy, and unfortunately for me only one of the FO's I have is on the list!! Yay.

But anyways, the 2 FO's I've tried so far was Lavender and Fireside Embers from Candles & Supplies. The Fireside Embers has better throw than the Lavender but its a more potent FO to begin with I think.

My melt pool is full, no wax left on the edges, its been burning nicely. So the wicks seem to be the right size.

My next FO order is going to come from Peak, there are quite a few I want to try. But, I think I'll increase the FO % with the ones I have. Maybe up the temp to 175 and add the FO at that temp, see if thats better.

The other scents I have are Jasmine Vanilla, Juniper Breeze and Red Hibiscus & Acai from WSP. Oh and some little .5 oz FO's from Hobby Lobby.

If anybody else uses CB Advance, can you tell me a good temp to add FO?


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I heat to 180, add the FO, and pour at 150/160. Then I cover with an inverted box so it cools slowly overnight.

Peak: Amish Harvest (my favorite, 6%), Cool Citrus Basil (8%)

Candles and Supplies: Lavender, Sage, and Rosemary (6%)-cured 6 months, not on purpose, but the throw is very nice

CandleScience: Mango Papaya (8%)

WSP: Sleep Time (EO Blend) 6% is strong

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Well I did finally find some additional information on the CB Advanced. They recommend adding FO right before pouring.

They also say "Wicks such as paper cored, cotton cored or metal cored should be avoided as they tend to cause sooting and carbon build up." :confused: So what else should I use??? LOL I know, those are just suggestions, but I found that a little funny...

I also saw somebody suggest letting the candles cool in the oven for a more controlled environment, can't hurt unless I have a clumsy moment right? haha :D

Anyways, thank you everybody!

Here's the link for the Eco Soya CB Advanced information I found if anybody wants to read it.



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They recommend adding FO right before pouring.
Isn't that how most folks do it? :confused: It's not like one is supposed to cook the FO in the wax or something!!

NGI, the manufacturer of Ecosoya products, has a very informative website. http://www.ngiwax.com/

Here's what they suggest about wicking:


According to the NGI website and reports from other users here, the CBA is the nicer appearing of their two container waxes, but the CB135 has better scent throw...

HTH :)

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Isn't that how most folks do it? :confused: It's not like one is supposed to cook the FO in the wax or something!!


Well that's what I thought but I was originally told to add the FO when I added the dye, then let it cool down to the proper pouring temp. At the time I thought it sounded quite odd, but yeah. So now I totally feel like a horses @$$... LOL



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I was originally told to add the FO when I added the dye, then let it cool down to the proper pouring temp.

I read the following at the site you quoted:

"Scent should be added and mixed right before pouring or at higher temperatures if desired."

Which I read to mean that you can either add the FO right before pouring or before, whichever blows yer skirt. It also mentions that you can mix the dye & the FO if you wish.

I don't use CBA, but with NatureWax C3, I mix liquid dye with FO in the pouring pot and add the wax to it at a pretty high temperature while stirring constantly because the FO (unless it's prewarmed) will drop the temp of the wax 10-15 degrees.

You can melt some of the scented wax in a warmer to see if it has a pleasing throw there. If there isn't much throw from the melted wax in a warmer, you may need to add a little more FO. I think NGI says you can use up to 10%... Be sure to let your candles cure at least 48 hours before testing. I personally prefer to wait a week, particularly with subtle or light scents. Keeping in mind that the CBA doesn't have the best throw potential, you could adjust your wicking to see if you get a better throw with one size/type than another. If you try different wicks, FOs, etc. and are still not happy with the scent throw, you might want to sample another brand of wax to see if that would help.

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Thanks Stella,

That site I listed here I found after I did more research and I read it the same as you. The beginner candle making instructions I had started with told me different.

Someone else also suggested mixing CBA & C-3, looks good, good scent throw... But for now I'm gonna focus on working with the CBA.

Thank you, sorry for the idiocy... LOL

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I tried the CBA for a while. Didn't have any luck getting any scents to throw well in it. I was unimpressed so I switched to the CB135 blended wax. The fragrance throw is soooooo much better. Plus, most of the cure times are about 48 hours with it. Only a few scents need a week or longer.

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Well, the good thing is that I need to make alot of firestarters this week.... Its getting cold out, alot of our friends & family have fireplaces or woodstoves so maybe I'll do some unscented firestarters and maybe some cinnamon ones.

Other than that, everything I've been told about CBA seems that I won't get the scent throw I'm wanting. I'm still gonna try a few different things with what I have left. But I might just try a different wax.

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thats a bummer that it isn't working for ya, but testing and playing is the joy in our art! LOL and if it were too easy everyone would be doing it!

I use ezsoy from BCN and LOVE IT, used it 10 years now. It takes a little getting used to but if your patient and willing it throws great and doesn't need a repour! : ) I have tried others as well and always came back to this one!

Don't be discouraged, the journey to finding the right was for you will give you more practice and knowledge! : ) Happy pouring.

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