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Hard Little Beads On Soap


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OK, I've never seen this before. Some of the soaps I made about 3 months ago, are getting tiny little crystal like beads all over them... just as if they were droplets of perspiration, but they aren't wet like water, they are bumpy and hardish.

Any thoughts?

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Oh dang it, I made them before we moved into our new house and I just boxed them up wrapped in paper towels. I guess that wasn't good enough. :(

I have never seen the weird solidifying of the sweating before. :(

Oh well I guess I have a bunch of soaps I can use myself now!! Thanks DeAnna.

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That is caused by the glycerin in the soap drawing the moisture from the air and clinging to the outside of the soap. The glycerin is just doing what it is meant to do. So the thing to do is keep your soap as dry as possible by wrapping it and storing in a dry place. If you don't have a dry place use a box and store your wrapped soap in it til you use it.

A great thing about M&P is you can always remelt it and make new soapies out of it.

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