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Portion Cups Or Molds for Tarts??


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Hi As of right now I use portion cups but was thinking to switching to the scalloped mold and put them in a bag Which do you think is better and nicer, I know the portion cups are easier but I think scalloped looks better. How do you do your tarts??

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I use the scallped ones and have more recently started using ice cube trays. They arent as "pretty",but they sure are easy to fill and release from trays (the scallped ones scratched my finger tips all up). None of the people I sell to have complained about how they look, they get melted down anyway. I also use lots of candy molds, they are cheap enough and do make nicer tarts also. I package my tarts in 1/2 # bakery bags.

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Do you ever have trouble with the fragrance oils eating the plastic? I use the mini cupcakes and am considering making the switch

I know I need a certain type can anyone recommend a supplier for these cups

I was wondering this too, do they smell like plastic when you burn the tart?

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