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Peppermint & Cinnamon FO's


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Looking for really, really strong Peppermint FO (candy cane-ish) and Cinnamon FO for my tarts. I use KY's tart/votive blend. I've tried AH Cinnamon-Vanilla and that was pretty mild. Not enough cinnamon for my taste. Tried CS's Cinnamon Sticks..it was okay but something was a bit off (IMO). All the peppermints from AH don't indicate it's really strong and I need really strong.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Peak's peppermint is perfect if you want a smack you in the face strong peppermint. It's the type that makes your nose tingle and opens your sinuses. I actually really like it but it didn't sell well for me. I've already started selling Bert's Candy Cane this year which smells like peppermint but without the sharpness too it, it actually seems to mellow out once its cured. It has been selling really well for me! For cinnamon my new favorite is AH Cinnamon Styx, I have tried a ton of cinnamon fragrances and this one to my nose is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet.

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Sharon...AH's Peppermint worked great in my tarts and even used it to make Goat's Milk Peppermint-Oatmeal M&P soap. Finally settled on AH's Cinnamon Styx. Still wasn't as strong as I was looking for but it will work. The Candy Cane was also good...smells just like one! Still searching for that perfect cinnamon... Recently tried KY's Peppermint Patty. Made me want to go out and buy a box of Thin Mints!! Yummy!

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