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I did a doozie!

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I was making peppermint (red chunks/white overpour) chunk candle and was making my 70/30 wax. Well instead of using container wax paraffin I accidently mix the overpour soy with 1239. I doubt it's going to turn out ok but we'll see. Am testing one tomorrow. This is going to suck if they don't burn. guess that's what happens when you make candles after getting up at 1:30 a.m., working a full day and dealing with family issues! LOL. I will post the results if they turn out.

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I wish I could get up at 1.30 to start my day!!

I have actually gotten used to it. I am a baker at WalMart and have to be work at 3am. It may be a pain to get up that early but I get off at 12pm and have pretty much the whole day to myself. I can do errands and not have to do them on my days off.


I was planning on using a 70/30 mix for me overpour as well. This is the first time I have made chunkies with a blend. I used to make them with in paraffin. Oh well, like I said, we'll see... you're right tootie, I may be pleasantly surprised.

Yep, the chunks show very well. And this solves it. I am going to buy a dig. camera today because they are really pretty and I would love to show them to you all.

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OMG Believe this or not, I lit up the smallest of my doozie candles just to test the wick, nothing else. I was not expecting a HT or even a smooth flame BUT..... I am getting both! MP is growing at the normal rate, the HT is AWESOME and the flame is smooth with only a little flicker here or there due to movement in the room. Maybe I stumbled upon something.

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