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Anyone get an email from WiseRep.com?


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I never got an email, but looked up for ya:


I thought I saw this before.

It's where the subject of the his and hers potty came up. :D

Di made this post about her thoughts on it, which are mine too:

My thoughts it looks too good to be true, which usually means it is. They just have it too simple, they make it seem as if you just sign up and these companies are going to start buying from you.

I do NOT know for sure (so if someone who knows could step in it would be great) but I think in order to sell to some of the big guys out there you have to be able to provide them large quantities, enough to carry stock in their chains, and also have your products UPC coded, etc.--a lot more requirements than selling to a local gift shop.

I would think they would mention this somewhere on their site the requirements before you would be considered by one of these companies. That is what is disturbing to me. It is possible to conform to their requirements, but I would want to know what they are before I shelled out that money.


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So I signed up for the buyer's account (it's free).

I don't know the prices (ETA: the price/cost of using soy), but some soy candles - 4 ounces are selling for $2.00 each. That seems awfully low to me. Lots of the sellers in the candle section look like fly by night type of stuff (some are now have defunct webpages), and there's 262 pages of candle items. Each item is individually listed, so the same company has posted the same item 10 different ways, gets a whole page.

There's no individual way to separate categories. Anything you sell, from holders, to incense, to candles (all wax types) is lumped into this category.

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